12 reasons we love hotels

March 31, 2017

Can you remember the first time you stayed in a hotel? The grand lobbies, the impeccably made beds and the towels folded as swans. No matter what type of hotel you stay in, there are always certain reasons we just love when staying in a hotel. Here are 12 reasons why we love hotels

Folded towels to resemble animals

This has to be the cutest thing to see. You’ve just walked into your hotel room, put your bags down and are about to throw yourself down on the bed. But, wait, there’s a swan towel staring at you! It’s made so beautifully you might not want to actually use it!

A welcome gift

Whether it’s a chocolate on your bed or a handwritten note, a welcome gift has to be a reason we love hotels! It’s personal and this makes us feel special and looked after, And, let’s face it, hotel chocolates are usually so delicious we eat them within a few minutes of entering the room.

Free wifi

This is a biggie! These days we decide on where to stay based on whether the hotel has free wifi or not. Do your research and find a hotel that has unlimited wifi for guests. Some hotels only offer one hour free wifi and thereafter you are billed.

Tourism maps

You’ve settled in and already helped yourself to tea and a rusk. Now you start scanning through the tourism maps and brochures on offer in the room. There’s something really special about old school tourism brochures and a physical map. Sure, we could use our phones to do research on what’s happening in the area, but having a paper map just feels like you’re on holiday.

The best bedding

Lie back and melt into the feather duvet and pearl white linen. One of the most amazing things about staying in a hotel is the extremely comfortable bed and the bedroom decorations. From the blackout floor length curtains to the beautiful bedside table, we love the attention to detail that hotel rooms offer us.  

Room service and mini bar

What’s better than lying in bed, binge watching your favourite series and using room service? There’s a knock at the door and your food is brought to you, beautifully presented and made with love. This is definitely a reason to love hotels. And, let’s not forget the mini bar. The key is to keep tabs of how much you take out of the mini bar as this can work out rather expensive. But, hey, you’re hoteling for luxury, right?

Cupboard space

Need space for your suitcase, toiletries and shoes? No problem, hotels have enough luggage space. There is usually enough compartment space for you to store everything while on your stay. You’ll also find that there are often safes in the rooms. These are really useful for when you leave the room and want to store your passports or money away.

Breakfast of champions

One of the added benefits of staying in a hotel is a breakfast the next morning. Whether you decide to have fresh croissants or sunny side eggs and bacon, there is usually a buffet or menu ordering option. Relax back in the comfortable patio chairs while having a cup of coffee and a flapjack covered with Nutella. Hotel breakfasts are always satisfying and definitely a reason we love staying in hotels.

Air conditioning and heating

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a room and feeling the sweat drip off your back or needing to dig out every warm jersey to stop the shivering. The great thing about staying at a hotel is the air conditioning and heating options. You can control the room’s temperature as you’d like.

Pool area

Think infinity pool, lilos and cocktails. One of the most incredible thing about staying in a hotel is the pool area. Laze back in the sun while sipping on a Cosmopolitan. It’s relaxing and is one way to treat yourself to a bit of time out. Often hotels will also have a jacuzzi or spa option which you can make a booking for.

Plenty electrical sockets

Need to charge your phone and camera at the same time? No problem, hotels have plenty of electrical sockets and often stock double adapters too. At home, you might have to unplug the bedside light and move furniture around to be able to get to the socket, but at a hotel that’s not necessary!

Free parking

Staying in the city? Avoid paying a ridiculous amount for parking by parking your car in the hotel parking. It’s free and usually in a secure area. This means that your car will be protected while you relax back and enjoy the good life!

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