12 Ways to organise your room like Martha Stewart

September 4, 2017

person-holiday-vacation-womanMost people want a room that looks like something out of Pinterest. A neat, organised, tidy room regardless of its style. But a room which is clean and tidy requires you to be committed and make a daily habit of keeping it organised. Each section in your room should be decluttered and cleaned thoroughly. And here are a few ways you can organise your room:

Organise your drawers

The first step to an organised drawer is taking everything out and scrubbing it clean. Once you’ve done that, place a drawer organiser which will help keep your socks, underwear and clothes in place. Drawer dividers help you store items and not to waste time looking for them when you need them.  

Match your socks

There’s not much more frustrating than looking for a matching pair of socks and not being able to find one. It’s the age old mystery, there will always be one sock which vanishes into thin air. And that’s why pairing your socks together with a safety pin could help solve your problems. When you have finished doing your laundry, just pin them together as you put them in your drawer. And you can also do the same for your gloves and you’ll never have to spend hours looking for the missing glove.  

Clean out your closet

Take everything out of your closet and decide which items need to stay in your closet and which should be given away. For instance, you may have leopard print boots from the 90s and hammer pants you haven’t worn in years just taking up space in your closet. You need to be realistic about the chances of you wearing these items again. If they are just taking up residence in your wardrobe, why don’t you do something about them? Why don’t you sell them or give them away to charity and help someone in need?

Garment organisers

Use garment organisers in between the hangers in your wardrobe to help you separate your clothes. You can divide your clothes according to each season. For instance, you can split your summer dresses from your winter jackets and jerseys. This will make it easier when you’re searching for a specific item in your wardrobe.

Colour code

You can arrange your wardrobe and have more order when you colour code your clothes. When you use a colour coding system, you’ll have an efficient setup which will help you save time.You’ll be able to sift through your closet each morning and find things quickly and easily.You can use one of these methods to organise your clothes by colour:

Light to dark

You can colour code your clothes by starting with the light coloured items and work your way up to the dark ones.


ROYGBIV is an acronym where each letter of the acronym represents a certain colour of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. You can arrange and separate your clothes according to their specific colours of the rainbow.

Make room for your shoes

Shoes sprawled all over your room or in your closet can make your space look unorganised and cluttered. And that’s why you should Invest in a shoe rack. A shoe rack occupies the smallest space in your closet but has the capacity to store a lot of shoes. Organise your boots and sneakers according to style or colour. If you would prefer not to use a shoe rack, you can use an over the door shoe bag where you can neatly place your shoes.

Keep your chair clutter-free

If you have a chair in your bedroom, it may be tempting to drop your clothes on there after work when you’re lazy and too tired to do anything. But after some time, the clothes may end up piling up, leaving your chair a mess. And you may not be able to see which are dirty clothes and which are clean ones. Rather buy a laundry bin and put your dirty laundry there. Pack your clean clothes in your closet and drawers immediately after you get them from the laundry.

Use the space under your bed

You should maximise the space underneath your bed and use it as a storage space. But you shouldn’t just shove things in there, make sure you place containers or make your own repurposed drawers. You can store beddings sets, linens or books in the containers. If you have children, you can store their toys, puzzles and books there so their rooms are always organised and tidy.

Clean your room

If you want order in your room you need to make sure it’s clean. Vacuum the floors, wash your windows and wipe away the dust and residue on top of the furniture. Make sure you spend time deep cleaning your room – even the spaces which aren’t in the open such as underneath the bed. After that make sure you spray your room with a sweet smelling fragrance. You can use the Airoma essence range to deodorise your room and keep it smelling fresh.

Your room is the one place which is your sanctuary and you should make sure each section in your bedroom is tidy. Getting your room to be organised may seem hard if it’s messy. But you just need to take it step by step by putting objects in their rightful places in order to make sure you improve the overall appearance of your room.

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