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Tips for hosting a dinner party outdoors

August 2, 2017

Good food plus good company equals a night of fun and great memories. You may be celebrating a birthday, promotion or you’re just hosting a dinner party for the fun of it. And the weather may be warm enough for you to want to switch things up and host your dinner party outside. You can transform your garden into an elegant setting and enjoy an intimate evening with friends under the twinkling stars.

Food preparation


A grumbling stomach is enough to dampen anyone’s mood. You need to make sure you prepare the food for your guests before they arrive. So that they don’t wait hours for the food to get ready.

Avoid trying new recipes on the day. If you try a new recipe and it doesn’t come out the way it’s supposed to,  it could be a recipe for disaster. If you’re known for your famous delicious curry, then why don’t you stick with that? Instead of trying a new recipe which might not come out the way you planned it. It will save you time and you won’t have to worry about how it will come out. If you really want to try out a new dish it would be wise to test it out weeks in advance.

After preparing the meals make sure you also wash the dishes after. Washing the pots and dishes used to prepare the food in advance will help you eliminate the work you have to do once your guests are gone.

Your guests may promise to bring items over such as salad or a dessert for the evening. Try not to rely on them because they may forget or come up with an excuse as to why they couldn’t bring the items.

You need to also make sure you take your guest’s diet into account. You don’t want to leave a guest hungry because you’re serving a beef dish and they are vegetarian. Make sure you cater to everyone’s needs.

You also need to ensure you make allowances and prepare two or three extra plates. Sometimes guests bring other people over and you’ll be


Have a centrepiece at the table to decorate it. There are many options you could choose from. Use flowers, sculptural centrepiece or seasonal fruit to beautify your table. You could even buy beautiful flowers and put them in planter boxes for your garden. Pole Yard has a wide range of planter boxes you can choose from.

It’s all in the details

Pay attention to details, make sure the tablecloth is washed and ironed, the chairs are dusted and the cutlery is spotless. The little things in life can go along way and you want to leave your guests impressed when the night is over.

Plan the seating

Make sure you plan the seating. And you place people who know each other and will get along, next to each other. Also try to avoid inviting friends who are strangers to each other and only know you. If you’re the only common denominator in the table it might end up being an awkward night for your guests. You might end up with awkward and uncomfortable silences during the night.

Music brings people together

Background music sets the tone for every function and could liven up the mood. Whether you want to play old school hits or the latest upbeat tracks, music will help create ambience. You can make your own playlist beforehand but make sure the music isn’t too loud, you don’t want to have your guests leaning over each other in order to have a conversation.

Lighting will set the mood

A low lit atmosphere could turn your dinner party into a glamorous event. Dimmed lights or candles make a dinner party more cosier. Placing candles on the table is a good way to create an intimate atmosphere at your dinner party. Just make sure they’re not scented because combination of the aroma from your cooked meal and scented candles could be overpowering.

Go with the flow

You may be one of those people who love everything planned down to the last detail. And you like everything to play out the way you envisioned it. Unfortunately, there will always be those things you don’t see coming, and you need to just roll with it. Your guests may spill a cup of coffee or you might overcook the chicken. These things happen, don’t spend the whole night frustrated, take things as they come and enjoy the evening with your friends. One day you’ll look back and have a good laugh over what happened.

Dance floor

At the end of the night, you and your guests might want to let loose and dance the night away. If you have a patio, you could set it up to be your dance area. While you’re preparing for the dance floor you might there are gaps in your flooring. You might have to search for ways on how to fix and laminate flooring gaps in order to repair your floors.

A dinner party is always a great way to have your favourite people around, entertain and enjoy a delicious meal. And while playing hostess you may forget to enjoy yourself while performing your host duties. So let go, have fun and laugh at the mishaps.


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