Choosing a plastic surgeon

Just a few years ago plastic surgery was still a new thing. There were very few people who went under the knife and even less who admitted to it. Today, however, all of us know at least one person who’s altered their appearance and a lot of the controversy has been removed. That said, the choice to undergo plastic surgery is still one that should be considered carefully. It is after all a medical procedure that involves a certain amount of risk. This risk quite literally rests in the hands of the surgeon, so one of the most important things … Continue reading Choosing a plastic surgeon

Women, propose to your partner this Valentine’s Day

I know what you’re thinking. It’s not a leap year. But it is 2015 and if this is what you want, you should go after it. By now you know you are in a loving and committed relationship, have discussed marriage and know you both see your future together. But your partner hasn’t popped the question, probably because they are waiting for just the right moment. That time is now and you can make it happen.   Incredibly romantic February 14 is a difficult day to propose as there is the possibility of cheesiness. But if done right it can … Continue reading Women, propose to your partner this Valentine’s Day

The Selfie Effect

Who has not taken a selfie and uploaded it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Not one hand will go up if you ask this question in a room full of people. Selfies are so popular that there are now selfie sticks. And let’s not forget that ‘selfie’ was the Oxford Dictionaries’ International Word of the Year in 2013. The Queen of Selfies must surely be Kim Kardashian. Kim likes selfies so much that she’s about to release a book with a selection of her favourite selfies. She submitted no less than 2 000 selfies for Selfish (yes, that’s the title … Continue reading The Selfie Effect

Keep food fresher for longer and save more money   

  With the massive drop in the petrol price at the beginning of January, consumers were hoping that this change will be reflected in food prices that soared to unprecedented heights in the past few years. Unfortunately economists are saying it’s unlikely that consumers will experience relief at the supermarket tills. In 2015, households will still have to find ways in which to save money on their grocery bills. Many are recommending that families grow their own produce, a plan that definitely has the backing of the Eastern Cape MEC for Rural Development. MEC Mlibo Qoboshiyane not only has his … Continue reading Keep food fresher for longer and save more money   

Landscaping trends for your garden for summer

‘Tis the season to be spending more time outdoors and make the most of your space – be it a tiny balcony or lush landscape. These are tips which everyone can make use of to improve and make the most of their space this summer. Match your indoors to your outdoors  Think of your house and garden as one continuous space. It wouldn’t make sense to have a beautiful space indoors and neglect the outdoors. Equally, it wouldn’t look right to have a luscious garden paired with an empty home filled with attractive furniture. The two areas should complement each … Continue reading Landscaping trends for your garden for summer

Classic Valentine’s Day gifts with a twist

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and that means one thing – everyone is feeling the pressure to get their loved one the perfect gift. Especially men, of course, as the fairer sex just seems to have somewhat of a better knack for picking out gifts. To make it a little easier for guys to making a good selection, we’ve given four classic gifts a bit of twist. It’ll ensure that the love of your life gets what she expected and a whole lot more. Think outside the chocolate box In 2015, resist the urge to reach for the assorted … Continue reading Classic Valentine’s Day gifts with a twist

Making your garden family friendly

  Long summer days are the perfect opportunity for family and friends to gather in the garden for catching up, quality time and delicious meals served al fresco. But it can become difficult to enjoy these get togethers when children and pets are playing too close together, getting in your most precious flowers or ripping up the tomato plants which were to be served at lunch time. Take the stress out of these situations by fencing off certain areas with timber fencing to create separate sections for different family members and activities. Here are some tips and tricks.   Children … Continue reading Making your garden family friendly