Do this to become financially free

Many of us don’t love being at our desks every day for eight hours. We dream about having free time to do the things we love. Retiring at 65 just doesn’t seem like a good option for us. We want to be young and fit enough to travel the world, help with community projects and perform charity work.   If you have those dreams, you need to be thinking carefully about your finances and how you can become financially free. This doesn’t mean you won’t work, it will just mean that you won’t have to. You’ll have the capital set … Continue reading Do this to become financially free

The perfect combination of red wine and winter

What is it about winter which just screams red wine? There is something about the combination which is just so perfect. There’s nothing like curling up next to a roaring fireplace, with a fluffy blanket covering you and a warm, rich glass of red in hand as the nights become darker, wetter and colder.   We have compiled a how-to-guide on some of our favorite red wines and the foods they pair best with to help you be prepared for those chilly nights.   Bold reds A bold wine needs a bold meal. Neither should overpower the other. Think rich, … Continue reading The perfect combination of red wine and winter

The good food and wine show

Come and enjoy good food with excellent company at the Cape Town Convention Centre (CTICC). On the 21 – 24 May 2015 the best of the best in the cooking industry will be joining us in the Mother City for a fun filled day for the whole family. If you come from afar book in at a hotel in Green Point, it’s only a few minutes away from the CTICC. Buddy Valastro, The Cake Boss on TLC network will be joining us, with Australia’s Master Chef Judge, Matt Preston. Food Network Chef, Siba Mtongana who always has a trick up … Continue reading The good food and wine show

Create your own romantic getaway this winter

Winter is upon us and the days of romantic picnics at the beach are coming to an end. Chilly nights, a warm water bottle and woolly socks, leaves a cold after thought to anything remotely romantic. How do you keep the adventures alive when it’s too cold and rainy outside? There are only so much rom-coms you can watch before it feels like you’re puking boy meets girl movies. Create a different setting Make a playlist of your favourite love songs for each other. While listening to slow jams, get the mattress out into the living room, scatter it with … Continue reading Create your own romantic getaway this winter

Want to take a year off and travel the world?

Many of us dream of escaping the boredom of our daily 9 to 5 routines. Long days of stretching out on clean, white sand, the waves lapping at your toes and a cocktail in hand. That is the dream which keeps us trudging along toward our monthly pay cheque with the hope of squirreling some extra money aside for that yearly vacation.   But what if that could be your reality for an entire year? What if you could travel the world, see what else is out there and really have the opportunity to live. Now is your chance, while … Continue reading Want to take a year off and travel the world?

Take your business to the next level

Owning your own small business can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Most often, you’ll be so focused on moving forward and keeping things ticking along, you won’t be thinking too much about growing your business.   But it is important to take your business to the next level. If you allow your business to become stagnant, new competitors will move into your space and begin taking over.   “These days, doing what you’ve always done won’t cut it anymore. Just look at former movie rental giant Blockbuster. All the brand familiarity and market dominance in the world couldn’t save the … Continue reading Take your business to the next level

Importance of outside play – even in winter

Too many children are spending too much time cooped up indoors, playing on computers and watching television, rather than playing outside. This is especially important to remember in winter when cold, rain and wind keeps children inside. But those daily moments of spending time outdoors playing in parks and on jungle gyms are crucially important and by robbing your child of them, you could be doing more harm than you realise.   “The weather changes from warm and sunny to cold and “dreary,” which means that the kids can’t go outside and play, right? Wrong,” says an article on Mommies … Continue reading Importance of outside play – even in winter

How to stay warm while being green

None of us wants to be cold, during winter; but none of us want to be destructive to the environment either. That concern, of not wanting to harm the planet while still trying to achieve goals linked to comfort and security has been the central focus for all sustainable movements, though. This is such a serious issue that Scientific American had its own report on the matter. For example, consider how lighting works: “Artificial night lighting doesn’t just spoil star shows; it can confuse nocturnal animals and waste energy.” They offer the following tips. “Choose the lowest possible wattage. A … Continue reading How to stay warm while being green

Bras: Your health benefit

For decades women have been fascinated with their breasts, always wanting to know if theirs is normal, which bra band is the most comfortable and if why is it that the most comfortable bra is the least sexy? Bra manufactures have always promised to design a perfect bra that will stand through the test of time. Through the wear and tear of material, the washing machine and yet still have the pretty factor. Now scientists have come up with new inventive ways for the bra to become beneficial to your health. Bra that detects breast cancer The First Warning Systems … Continue reading Bras: Your health benefit