Cleaning myths you should stop telling yourself

We’re all guilty of turning a blind eye to the little things that we’re supposed to do, and then think, what difference does it make?  When we skip out on the little things that we should do, it can impact us in a quite unhygienic way. Paying close attention to the way you clean, doesn’t make you a neat freak, it simply makes you a person who puts in that little extra to avoid the extra dirtiness in the long run. “I wash my dishes by hand so I don’t need to clean my sink.” This saying is not quite … Continue reading Cleaning myths you should stop telling yourself

The importance of design

  Design is so much more than making things look pretty. It is part of everything we do and every element of our lives. Look up, all of the objects you see around you have been designed. Someone’s thoughts and efforts have gone into making each object intentional.   Someone who had a very good understanding of the importance of design was Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Throughout his prolific career, Jobs emphasised the importance of creating aesthetically pleasing products. “Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s … Continue reading The importance of design

Get your child to play outside, even in winter

It can be tricky in winter to convince your child (and yourself!) to get outside to play. But it is important to head out into the rain and cold. We’re lucky in South Africa that we don’t have to worry about extreme cold and snow, so getting outside is a little easier.   It is recommended children play outside for at least an hour each day. South Africa’s children are not getting nearly enough exercise and are in danger of becoming obese. The Discovery Healthy Active Kids Report Card scored our children a D for nutrition and physical activity. These … Continue reading Get your child to play outside, even in winter

DIY your garden for winter

With winter on the way, we need ways to keep ourselves insulated and warm. But it’s not only our bodies that need that warmth or, rather, protection from the cold. Garden owners should be particularly concerned about the conditions their garden will be in – too many assume that rain will be beneficial, but forget that there are other elements to winter that deserve proper caution. For example, one of the most important considerations we should have is for “mulching”.  GardeningKnowHow describes mulch as “[trapping] moisture in the soil so you don’t have to water as often, and it acts … Continue reading DIY your garden for winter

A fresh and different way to liven up your space

Forget the traditional way of decorating your house. Forget matching curtains with scatter cushions. If you want to try something different this season, then throw traditional décor out the window and scratch off buying new photo frames. Unique style and funky colours will never go out of season, the bolder you go, the funkier you’re space becomes. Group artwork pieces Frames, artwork, cool cut-outs from magazines or kids’ sketches look impressive when grouped together on one wall. No single image stands out. Instead, it’s the arrangement of frames in different shapes and sizes that creates overall impact. Paint a piece … Continue reading A fresh and different way to liven up your space

How to spot fake jewellery

We often think that just because our jewellery is expensive, it must be real then. Many have fall victim to imitation gold, believing that what they bought was the real deal. If you never found yourself wondering if your gold is fake and then come to see afterward that the gold on your jewellery is fading, then well done to you.  Men’s and ladies watches are known to fake, as well as rings, but with a simple DIY test, you will soon no if it’s the real deal. Acid Test All precious metals can be tested by using acid, although … Continue reading How to spot fake jewellery

Seasonal decor for the winter months

Winter appears to be officially upon us. The days are becoming shorter, the nights are becoming colder and we’re feeling the need to wrap up warmly. We’re so lucky in South Africa to not reach the icy temperatures of the Northern Hemisphere. But it is pleasant to surround yourself with warming touches. Just as we change what we wear in the colder months, we should also change the decor in our homes. We want to feel warm and snuggly, surrounded by plush fabrics and warm textures. The cooler options we’ve used during the summer months need to be replaced with … Continue reading Seasonal decor for the winter months

Buying your daughter her first bra

Shopping for your daughter’s first bra is an important milestone. She’ll likely remember the event for the rest of her life, so it is important that it’s a good experience.   It can be difficult to know when the time is right for her first bra. She may hate the idea and avoid it for as long as possible, or she may desperately want one, especially if her friends are already wearing bras. The average age to start wearing a bra is 11, but can range between 9- and 14-years-old.   We’ve compiled a few tips to make improve your … Continue reading Buying your daughter her first bra

Do I rent or do I buy as a first time homeowner?

When moving out of our parents place to live on our own, we don’t generally think of renting a beautiful home with a white picket fence. Instead, we are proud to think about owning our very first property. But with homeownership comes a whole bunch of concerns for some, and for others it’s more financially sensible to rent. But is it really? Pros of renting Renting a place is normally seen as a less significant commitment than buying. When you sign a lease, you don’t have to worry about selling the place if you have to move.  Also, you will … Continue reading Do I rent or do I buy as a first time homeowner?