Are you ready to move in together?

Things are going well but should you and your partner move in together? To some people moving in together is the kind of proof of love and commitment that can only be bested by a sparkling diamond ring. To other people it is a sure way to kill the flame of passion. To other still it might simply be a matter of economics: cooking for two is more efficient in the long run. This is a weighty question with many factors to consider. To help you get to the right decision for you and your partner, ask yourself these questions. … Continue reading Are you ready to move in together?

How to make furniture for the future

Who could’ve predicted a decade ago that having instant access to libraries of information at the press of a button would be standard? Who could’ve thought that wide televisions, displaying picture perfect clarity would be quite standard in homes, too? Yet, here we are today: More than half of American homes have such powerful technology. The question we should then be wondering is what will happen in the future. One of the most exciting aspects is perhaps virtual reality (VR). At the biggest gaming event in the world, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), virtual reality headsets were all the rage. … Continue reading How to make furniture for the future

Why your car isn’t starting – Part 2

Even if you don’t consider yourself a car savvy person in general, it helps to do some of your own research into car problems as well. This can arm you with the right questions when the time comes to speak to your mechanic. In part one we looked at why your car might not be starting if it also isn’t cranking. Now in part two we will tackle what might be going on if your car won’t start, but the engine still cranks. First of all, what is cranking you might ask? What happens when you turn your key in … Continue reading Why your car isn’t starting – Part 2

Minimise loss when it’s load shedding

Technological equipment and appliances in your home can be some of the most expensive items that you will own. That’s why if it breaks, there’s a part inside of us that dreads the loss. With Eskom giving us a knock out every now and then, there is a fear that our beloved goods could come under fire, as they are sensitive to power surges. Load shedding is becoming more and more a common occurrence that’s why it’s imperative that you put measures in place that will avert any extra expenses. Fortunately there are practical things you can do to minimise … Continue reading Minimise loss when it’s load shedding

Tips for buying wine online

Consuming wine is a favourite pastime for many a woman. If you add chocolate and girlfriends you have yourself a perfect evening. Where do you buy your wine? You probably buy from a liquor store, boutique winery or even straight from the wine estate. We’re here to introduce you today to the concept of buying wine online. That’s right; you can order your next shipment of wine without even getting out of pyjamas. Isn’t that the dream? In South Africa we have been somewhat slow to get on the online shopping bandwagon. That’s why we thought it would be helpful … Continue reading Tips for buying wine online

Your guide to buying him jewellery

It is a common dilemma women find themselves in: what gift to give him? Men have it easier. They can walk in to any jewellery store and (assuming he knows her taste) is confronted by a plethora of gift options. The thing is that you can get him jewellery as well. Not convinced? We’ll guide you. The basic principle of men’s jewellery Of course it practically goes without saying that we do not live in a homogenous society and especially when it comes to issues of gender there will always be exceptions. Here we are simply going to talk about … Continue reading Your guide to buying him jewellery

Why your car isn’t starting – Part 1

A car not starting is a very frustrating problem because it could be one of many things, some simple to fix and others not so much. We’re going to try demystifying this issue somewhat by breaking down what the problem could be. Even if you won’t feel comfortable fixing the problem yourself, being armed with an idea of the problem could really help you when you go to a mechanic. To make the matter simple we can divide the problem into two parts. Here in part one we will look at why your car won’t start if it also doesn’t … Continue reading Why your car isn’t starting – Part 1

Marriage advice for those heading down the aisle soon

Marriage is a huge step, a massive commitment and should never be taken lightly. The days leading up to your wedding can be stressful as you grapple with the adjustment. If you, or your groom, are feeling nervous that is completely normal.   Unfortunately, divorce is on the increase in South Africa. Statistics SA’s Marriages and Divorces 2012 report revealed 21 998 divorces were completed and registered in 2012, up from 20 980 the year before. It is clear then that if you are heading down the aisle soon, you need to treat your marriage with respect, love and attention … Continue reading Marriage advice for those heading down the aisle soon