Winter school holiday activities

The mid-year school holidays are just around the corner. That means you’ll soon have to start planning fun activities which can keep your little ones occupied.   Dinosaurs at Kirstenbosch Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is putting on an exhibition of a different kind from this month. They’re showing how cycads and dinosaurs co-existed millions of years ago. Says the South African National Biodiversity Institute: “The dinosaurs disappeared about 65 million years ago, after the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) extinction event, thought to be caused by a massive asteroid striking the earth, that saw nearly three quarters of life on earth being extinguished. … Continue reading Winter school holiday activities

How to “subtly” get your boyfriend to dress better

The modern man has to deal with serious issues. He needs to cheer on his rugby team because they can’t win without his support, and then he must make up his mind about the state of Afghanistan in case the US president calls. Amidst all that, as well as the general homewards bringing of bacon that occupies him otherwise, how can you expect your man to also put effort into dressing well? Let us rephrase that: How can you expect him to dress well without your help? Deep down he knows he needs your guidance in this area. The problem … Continue reading How to “subtly” get your boyfriend to dress better

Be a better boss

Starting a business is a dream many people have. But there will come a point when you won’t just be responsible for yourself – you’ll have to hire staff and keep those people happy. Managing a team of people is one of the most difficult parts of owning your own business. All of those personalities and individual needs can be extremely difficult to manage. Here are some tips on how you can become a better boss.   Take a break As the boss, it is important you take leave often to keep yourself refreshed and engaged with your work. And … Continue reading Be a better boss

Signs you are wearing the wrong bra

It is shocking how many women are walking around right now not wearing the right bra. Finding the right bra is simply one of those things every girl should learn. Unfortunately we are not taught this crucial skill in school, but here are the signs that you are not wearing the right bra. Your bra is uncomfortable You shouldn’t constantly be reminded during the day that you are wearing a bra. If it doesn’t feel right, it is quite simply not a good fit. Your straps are digging into your shoulders The band and straps need to work together for … Continue reading Signs you are wearing the wrong bra

Education on the playground

As parents we often think of playtime and education as two mutually exclusive concepts. That does not, and should not, be the case. It is so easy to compartmentalise play time and learning time, but human beings are most engaged when doing both. Here are just a few of the ways the playground provides opportunities for children to learn and grow. About play and playgrounds Put in simple terms, play is the spontaneous activity of children and simply having fun. Play can entail many things. It can done using the body such as with skipping and dancing, using just the … Continue reading Education on the playground

3 Steps to an organised home

Do you struggle to find your keys every morning before work? Are there so many dishes in the sink that you feel too unmotivated to clean any new dishes? Are there certain storage areas you haven’t gone near in years because you are afraid what you might find there? You may defend yourself by calling yourself a free spirit whenever anyone (like your mom!) tries to hint that you are a slob, but deep down you might wish things were different. It feels good to live in an orderly home and it helps you feel on top of things in … Continue reading 3 Steps to an organised home

Alternative men’s wedding bands

Men don’t appear to be nearly as concerned as women when it comes to choosing a wedding band. But maybe that’s because there hasn’t been much choice for wedding bands for men. Traditionally, a very simple metal band is worn. But times are changing and some men prefer to wear something a little different. We look at some of the options for your man   Tattoos This trend is becoming increasingly popular. A number of celebrities are sporting inked ring fingers. Beyonce and Jay Z have matching roman numerals, IV, to represent four, their wedding date and both their birthdays. … Continue reading Alternative men’s wedding bands