Boating safety tips for your family adventure

Sailing across the ocean, under a cool summer breeze, with your loved ones around you, is blissful category that only a few share. Especially if you have little ones, watching their faces light up as the boat departs from the bay, cannot be explained by any parent. You can’t help but smile as their imaginations run wild, and you can’t help but join in on the fun pretending to be a pirate, pointing out that you have just seen a mermaid pass by. As the fun continues, you still keep an eye out, because a natural instinct to protect kicks. … Continue reading Boating safety tips for your family adventure

How to find a new job out of town

Landing a job in today’s economy is tough. It becomes even tougher when you have to look outside of your city, as employers are known to favour local candidates. But sometimes you have no choice – you have to expand your job search outside of your city’s limits. Maybe you’ve been retrenched, or your spouse is moving. Perhaps health reasons are forcing you to move from a big city to a smaller town. Whatever the reason, don’t be disheartened by the task ahead just yet. The out-of-town job search can be dealt with successfully if you keep these tips in … Continue reading How to find a new job out of town