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October 2015

Family Home

Keeping your baby safe from your dog

October 14, 2015

  Leading dog experts recommend that you prepare the family dog for when the baby first arrives. Dogs also need time to adjust to a new person in the house and may at first see the baby as a threat. To avoid any harm coming to your new born, take time to train your dog and let him ease into the new change that has come about to your household. In order to minimize tension for the dog and reduce…

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Exercise Life

The best shape of your life starts right now

October 9, 2015

Everyone wants to be proud of their bodies. To feel confident in their bikini at the beach. To feel good in their favourite jeans. But so few of us actually do. Many of us are struggling with a little bit of extra weight. It is a daily struggle and one we’re reminded of everytime we get dressed or try on clothing.   The good news is there are small changes we can all make to our eating habits and exercise…

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Family Life

What does a wedding cost?

October 6, 2015

So many people choose to become engaged and get married without having any idea what the big day will cost them. But weddings are becoming increasingly expensive. Those costs, and debts, can have a big impact on a new marriage.   It is important to go into the process knowing how much a wedding will likely cost you. Only then, knowing all the necessary information, can you begin the planning process with your eyes open.   Costs   It is…

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