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November 2016

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Biggest advances in medicine we should care about

November 4, 2016

Medicine is great. We get to live longer, healthier and therefore happier lives. Work is less impacted by days off and sick leave, meaning businesses do better. Healthy staff are happy staff, secure in the knowledge their healthy lifestyle prevents poor productivity. Children are more likely to have ill-free lives, so they can spend more time enjoying themselves instead of being stuck in bed. Despite how advanced medicine is at the moment, there are several ways it might radically evolve…

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Health Life Work

How to stay healthy in summer

November 3, 2016

Every season we find some excuse to disregard healthy lifestyles. All of winter, some of us told ourselves it was the rain and cold preventing us from exercising outdoors. Now that it’s summer, we might claim it’s too hot to go anywhere near a gym. These are excuses and bad ones. We must find ways to stay healthy and fit during summer, as we should every season. We all want a better life, fewer days of being ill and to…

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Life Money

The differences between short term and long term investments

November 2, 2016

Personal finance is an ongoing issue for everyone. We want to establish mechanisms to ensure a secure foundation in our future. This matters whether it’s for retirement or merely ongoing stability in a volatile market. But with investments, there will be hard choices as to what we choose to invest in. It’s here that we can consider the differences between long term and short term investments with high returns. Naturally we all want both both. It’s therefore important to consider…

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