Health trends for 2017

It’s remarkable to find out that 98% of Dubai residents have health insurance. Yet, that is reality. This is part of a wider trend concerning how people are obtaining what amounts to essential medical cover, in an increasingly confusing, connected world. There are also other incredible trends worth considering. Let’s have a look at what these are and why they matter. It can inform your own health decisions and the ones you might have to make for loved ones. Increasing insurance As Gulf Business reports, the majority of Dubai residents now have medical cover: “Over four million Dubai residents – … Continue reading Health trends for 2017

Private or public: Which hospital is right for you or your family?

Healthcare is the perhaps the most important thing to consider when it comes to family or loved ones. Yet, to achieve that requires considerations of finances, because nothing is free. To be able to manage expectations and treatments requires a realistic engagement with what we can afford and what is necessary to help ourselves and our loved ones. There are numerous aspects to consider therefore. Let’s examine the most important questions to ask if you are caring for loved ones – whether elderly parents or young children. Diagnosis The most important first step is finding out what it is a … Continue reading Private or public: Which hospital is right for you or your family?

Furnish your new apartment on a budget

You’ve just moved into a new place, but it has no furnishings. This is a common problem for people, especially students who have moved out the safety net of homes. Of course, in many cases, you don’t want to begin spending enormous amounts on appliances. However, you also don’t want to be without items which can store and cook food, let you rest and so on. If you need furnishings but don’t want to break your bank, you need to then work out how to furnish on a budget. Furthermore, you don’t need to only focus on furnishings; decoration could … Continue reading Furnish your new apartment on a budget

How to pick the right gift for a colleague

Though you might spend eight or nine hours a day with someone, that doesn’t mean you know them very well. This is the nature of the office environment in which many find themselves. So often, you are focused on delivering work and completing tasks. Meeting deadlines, making clients happy and pleasing your employers comes first, after all, if you want to keep your job. Colleagues are not there specifically to be your friends, but to be part of the company that lends itself to the productivity. However, that shouldn’t stop you being kind to them which is why so many … Continue reading How to pick the right gift for a colleague