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September 2018


Common mistakes first-time car buyers make

September 13, 2018

Buying your first car is exciting. You are finally able to get the freedom and independence you have been craving, and you can find it in any colour you like. But there are some common mistakes that almost everyone makes as a first-time car buyer. You might not shop around enough to find the best deal for used cars for sale in Gauteng or you might not have budgeted for the entire cost of owning a car. If you are…

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Home Life

Cohabiting tips: how to decorate after moving in with your partner

September 7, 2018

So the time has come for you to move in together. You have spoken about it and considered carefully where you will be living, and the excitement is building. But, you are concerned about how you will decorate your new home or apartment. This can be a tricky subject to broach with your partner, especially if you both have very different styles. You should set aside time to speak about how you both want your home to look and spend…

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Car Family

Trading in for a family car? Here’s what to look for

September 4, 2018

Starting a family is an exciting (and expensive) journey that many couples look forward to. It’s also a journey that leads to changes. Your time and money is no longer your own, your world revolves around tiny human beings who rely on you for everything, all your bags have diapers and a change of clothes (for you and the baby), sleep is a luxury of the past, and you’re likely going to need a new car.      Your parents and…

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