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3 ways to help balance work and health

September 12, 2016

We are unfortunately not robots, but people. Yet, even robots need repair and people are no better. We have bodies that are prone to sickness, illness and chronic conditions. Yet, we also have jobs we must perform. Somehow we must balance the two, without letting either affect the other. This is difficult, but possible. It will never be a perfect balance, since health will always take priority regardless of our boss’s wishes.

Focus on fitness

A lot of efforts towards balancing health and work are based on what we’d do anyway, to maintain our health. This means regardless of the work we do, we must continue to focus on fitness. As experts constantly point out, adults require about two to three hours of aerobic exercise a week. Alongside this, we also require strength training on at least two days.

By maintaining our health in this way, we prevent illness or ill health from occurring. This means we do not and can not have an excuse if our jobs are desk-based. In fact, fitness experts have plenty of advice and suggestions specifically for office workers glued to their desk., for example, suggests everything from simple neck stretches to more advanced movement. Just because we’re on the phone doesn’t mean we’re trapped.

“While on the phone, you can grab a dumbbell and do bicep curls for 20 repetitions three times a day. Straighten your arms by your side and bring your hand (dumbbell) to your shoulder. Keep your palms up. Do one at a time if on the phone.”

Eat better

A lot of the time our work prevents us from obtaining the best meals, due to time constraints. We’re always trying to reach deadlines or complete work in time for the end of business hours. That means we don’t treat our dietary requirements properly.

We can prepare lunches the night before, making sure to put in the salads, fruits and other important items. Snacking on cut fruit is also an ideal way to fight back hunger.

Get check ups

We must be aware of our health, so we can inform employers of any dangers. This could mean altering arrangements to allow for more sick days, where necessary. It could also mean changing what responsibilities we need to oversee – either temporarily handing over projects, for example, to someone else when those projects are on deadline.

Ideally we’ll be in a position where we have permanent health insurance. Businesses that can offer such coverage are highly sought after by prospective employees, as it shows them a business actually cares about them as people, not labourers.  

In these ways, we can balance health and work in smarter, more efficient ways so that no one loses out and work still gets done.


(Picture credit: mahdigermany /Pixabay)

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