4 things you need to keep your holiday feeling alive

November 10, 2016

The sound of waves crashing on the beach and the feeling of the warm summer sun on your skin, this is the making of precious and beautiful moments. Many of you have returned from some sort of summer break. Whether you had time off work or were lucky to get away with the family, you’re now probably facing the challenges associated with getting back into routine.

A holiday does wonders for your mind and body. The question is how do we keep that awesome holiday feeling alive when faced with the challenges and pressures of day-to-day family life? Here are four tips to help you keep that holiday feeling alive.

Keep that fire alive within yourself first

Whether it’s the combination of sea air, sun, the time off work or simply the fact that you don’t have to be anywhere the next day, a summer getaway does wonders for your mood. You and your partner are more relaxed and more patient as there are less outside pressures and commitments. While on a family holiday you witness the wonderful benefits of your calm and more relaxed attitude on your family. Do things that make you happy. Exercise, read, write, paint, or get back into gardening – whatever it is that you’re passionate about, whatever it is that lights your fire.

Ensure your basic needs are met

A healthy balanced diet, regular sleep and exercise are the three basic needs needed in order for you to feel good in the long term. Everybody needs to have these basics needs met in order to function properly. Make sure you eat right, sleep when you can and try and incorporate at least 15 – 20 minutes of exercise three times into your week. It’ll undeniably benefit you.

Disconnect in order to connect

It’s much easier to remain connected to your family when you’re on holiday. Whilst on holiday there’s a lot of time to really listen to each other. This connecting allows for love, understanding and patience to flourish. Unfortunately, holidays don’t last forever. But fortunately these positive feelings are not restricted to just holidays. They can exist beyond sandy beaches and time off work. They can thrive in your day-to-day lives. Connect with your family by spending at least 10 – 15 minutes of one-on-one time with each child a day. Be sure to disconnect from technology first.

Try different things

Daily family life is not exciting, it’s structured and it needs to be so. Otherwise things won’t function effectively. Structure and routine are important, especially for households with young children. It provides your children with a sense of order and security. However, it can get draining and therefore boring. There are countless ways you can add variety into your family’s life without actually impacting on the general routine. Try to incorporate new and different experiences for you and your family at least once a week. There are new luggage bags for sale, get one and try a new type of cuisine, go to new places, a park for day camping or visit a museum or new beach – the possibilities are endless.

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