5 Essential kitchen appliances

February 28, 2017


The kitchen is the most important room in the home, it’s where we spend countless hours making meals.Times have changed and life has become busier. Technology has made life convenient and improved the way we do things. Gone are the days of slaving away in the kitchen, chopping onions and carrots. Or your food getting ruined because of incorrect fridge temperatures. Appliances have been modified extensively to the point where we do not have to do much. And because of that, chores have become easier and require less effort.

These are kitchen appliances that we all need in our homes.


Top-mount or bottom-mount fridge

These types of fridges are perfect for a small family. They’re convenient if you do not need to fill up a lot of space. They’re also very affordable compared to other fridges on the market. Top-mount fridges and bottom-mount fridges have a separate freezer compartment. Although these fridges are reasonably cheap, they lack exterior features that other fridges have.

Side by side fridges

These fridges are practical for big families. They have more space than the average fridge. The freezer compartment is big enough to store large quantities of food. This is perfect for a family that buys a lot of frozen food. They come with external features such as water coolers.

French door fridge

These fridges do not come cheap. If your budget allows, it would benefit you to buy this fridge. Most of the french door fridges come with advanced features. These premium fridges allow you to be versatile in the way you use the fridge. They usually come with features controlling the temperature of the fridge by selecting the exact temperature you want. Different foods require varied temperatures and with one of these, you can select the perfect temperature for each compartment. They also contain large amounts of space.

Bar fridges

These are affordable and compact. They can be put in your bedroom to store snacks and cool drinks. They are small so this means you can travel with them on holiday to places that might not have refrigerators. Although they don’t have any interesting external features, they are practical.

Stainless steel cookware

When you have just finished preparing a delicious dinner, the last thing you want to be faced with is the challenge of spending time scrubbing the pots clean. Stainless steel cookware has made life easier in that they allow for easy maintenance and cleaning. Cooking with stainless steel pots and pans is a joy because you don’t have to worry about food sticking at the bottom of the pot anymore. The pots make cooking easy. Stainless steel pots are durable and have longevity. You don’t have to worry about replacing them every year.


Most would agree that microwaves are by far one the best inventions. Gone are the days of cold food or spending hours preparing meals. After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is start a meal from scratch. With ready-made meals available in the market, life has become convenient. Microwaves give you the option of defrosting, cooking, heating up food and baking. They’re easy to clean and save time.

Food processor

Technology has substantially made life easier. Tasks can now be completed quickly. A food processor is needed in the kitchen because tedious tasks like chopping or slicing vegetables can be eliminated. A food processor is versatile and accomplishes many things that are time-consuming. You can prepare dips and pesto’s more quickly by using the processor. Grinding nuts has never been easier. Food preparation is now simpler and less work.

Laundry and dishwasher

Back in the day, hours used to be spent washing clothes in a bathtub. Then rinsing them more than once to get the washing powder out the clothes. And afterwards you had to spend a few minutes squeezing the clothes to get the water out. Not only was it time-consuming but tedious. Nowadays technology has made house chores easier. Clothes are washed faster and dry quickly too. When the washing machine is finished the clothes are half dry. Having a washing machine allows you to be versatile. While the machine is washing your clothes, you can spend the day doing other tasks. The dishwasher has also made our lives so much easier.
We can all agree that technology has improved our lives drastically.  It has made doing things faster and more efficient. We do not have to spend hours by the bathtub doing the washing. We can get dinner ready in five minutes. And we can have smoothies, milkshakes, and pesto at any time. These appliances are essential to any home and they make the daunting tasks of doing chores that much easier.

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