5 Essential things you should know about your bra

March 31, 2017


We should deal with our bras the way we deal with any relationship. Our bras should give us support, structure and comfort. And once they no longer serve that purpose, we should chuck them away.

If you find yourself suffering from back pain and are uncomfortable all the time, you may be wearing the wrong bra. It may be your favourite and you may feel you just can’t let it go. But your breasts need the right structure and support. Which is why you need to know how to choose the right bra.

To help you out, here are five essential things you should know about bras.

Wrong size

Our bodies change all the time because of pregnancy, weight fluctuations and where we are in our menstrual cycle we have our periods. So it’s only normal that we need to check every now and then again that if the bra size we pick is still right for us or not.

Wearing a bra that is way too big for you can be harmful because it could cause sagging breasts. Small breasts need adequate support too. If your bra keeps riding up your back then it probably is too big for you and you should buy a smaller size. If the straps keep falling off your shoulder, it may be time to go shopping for a new bra that’ll fit properly. Or you may simply need to make adjustments on the straps.

If you find your breasts spilling over or under the bra then it may be too small for you. Your bra straps should not dig into your shoulders. If your bra is too small for you, it may reduce your blood circulation, which can cause pain. Your body weight changes over time and most woman will buy different sizes of clothing but won’t change their bra size. If the band of your bra digs into your flesh you should consider buying another size because your bra shouldn’t hurt you.


Many women make the mistake of wearing the same bra with every item in their wardrobe. And that’s simply not how it should be. Certain outfits in your wardrobe require you to wear a particular type of bra. There are different types of bras on the market for a reason. For example, strapless bras are perfect for off-shoulder dresses. Bra straps that show can make your whole outfit look very tacky.

Let your bra breathe

Wearing a bra for too long shouldn’t be done either. A bra should only be worn for 8 months to a year. Because after a certain period, the bra loses its elasticity. And should be thrown away. Some women wear their bras for longer than they actually should. If you do this, your breasts won’t get the proper support and comfort they need.

If you can’t let go of your bra, there are alternatives to throwing it away. For instance, you could have it altered by a professional.

Workout bra

If you regularly exercise, it’s important to invest in a sports bra that will give your breasts the necessary support. When you’re running or jumping your breasts bob up and down. You could experience a serious breast injury if you choose not to wear an exercise bra. You may feel you’ve already spent a fortune on your gym membership, training sneakers and gym clothes, but you won’t regret investing on a sports bra.  

Breasts are also affected by how intense a workout routine is. The more intense and high impact the exercise is, the more support your breasts will need. If they don’t get enough support it’ll cause soreness and discomfort. When your breasts bounce around vigorously, the skin will start to sag prematurely.

How to take care of your bra

If you put your bra in the washing machine, it could ruin its shape and that means that it won’t be effective when you wear it. It’s better to hand wash your bra so that the shape remains intact.

How often you wash your bra will depend on you but as a general rule it should be washed after two or three wears.

The bra you choose could change your life. It should provide you with comfort and support. You can go to a lingerie shop for a bra fitting to help you find your bra size. If you enjoy working out, invest in a bra that’ll help hold up your breasts and prevent your breasts from taking the strain. It is also important to note that breasts change shape and size through the years. And because of this, you must always make sure you know your correct bra size.

Finding a bra that offers the perfect style, comfort and support can be a challenge. Triumph offers a wide range of bras where you can find your perfect fit.    

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