5 inexpensive ways to keep your children entertained

July 31, 2017
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Most parents have hectic schedules They have to figure out ways to get a lot of tasks done in a short amount of time and keep their children entertained at the same time. So, it becomes hard for them to spend as much time as they should with their children.

However, parenting is all about balance and spending quality time with your children is important.

Spending quality time with your little ones does not mean you have to break the bank. Here is a list of inexpensive activities you can enjoy with your little ones.


Baking with your kids is a perfect opportunity for some bonding time. Not only does it make delicious treats but it is also a fun activity for the kids. It teaches them how to read and follow orders and it build up skills in the kitchen.

Allow them to make mistakes and experiment with the ingredients. This helps them learn and to grow.

Also, being in the kitchen with your children will help you get to know your children and they will get to know you better.  You will teach them skills and techniques you were also taught when you were younger.

Movie night

Family fun doesn’t always mean going out. Watching movies can be a fun activity where the entire family gets together and has a great time.

A movie night doesn’t require that much money, all you need to do is let the children select a movie of their choice, rent it and watch as a family. Get popcorn, baked cookies, or any other snacks and let the children prepare it.

To make the experience more fun for the kids, dim the lights, turn up the sound and make them feel like they are at a movie theatre.

Play outside

Play with your children and be the one who initiates games. Children love to play outside, you can play with them in your yard or have fun with them on the jungle gym.

Be silly with your kids and make them feel like they have a friend in you. It’s a way for you to bond with them and get to know them better. It’s also a fun way to exercise.

Do chores together
Children dislike house chores so you have to make it fun for them. For example, if there’s work that needs to be done in the kitchen turn that cleaning time into playtime.  

Give them different roles. For instance, pick one child to be a waiter and another the chef and assist both of them with their duties.

This way everyone will have something to do but it will not feel like they are doing house chores. You could even play their favourite music for them while you are all busy.

Another example is to do the laundry while pretending to be a character from a favourite movie.

Go for a walk

Take walks with your children, it’s fun and interesting, you will meet people in your neighbourhood and maybe even notice interesting things along the way. It’s also a great way to stay active.

Walking creates an opportunity to communicate, it gives lots of room for your children to talk to you about anything, be it things that are happening in their lives, ideas or dreams.
And getting your children used to walking from a young age is good, not only does it help them develop road awareness, it also teaches them independence.

Take time off technology

We all get so tied up in technology, try taking some time out and spend some quality time with your children. It might be a bit hard at first but if you keep at it, it will get easier and easier.

Attending to your children’s emotional needs is important as well as making memories with them.

Get crafty

Do activities such as painting and colouring with them, they are fun and most importantly, educational. Craft projects also teach kids to plan and problem solve.

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