5 Self-care habits to teach your kids while they’re still young

August 23, 2018

Self-care is something that many adults struggle with. We can’t find the time, aren’t sure of which products are best or simply don’t care much about what we look and feel like. But self-care is an important part of our self-confidence and comfortability in our own skin that everyone should be concerned about.

Lead by example and start teaching your kids self-care habits they can learn while they’re still young, and to continue into their own adult lives. There are no disadvantages to taking care of your mind and body or being interested in your self-image.  

Drinking enough water


We’ll never know what it is about colourless and tasteless water that makes it so difficult to drink but, for most people, that is the case. Your children need water (as all people do) and you need to find a way to get them in the habit of having their daily intake of about two litres.

When they have sports after school, make sure they have a full water bottle instead of a high-sugar energy drink. It’s healthier and they’ll definitely be thirsty while they’re exercising. As for their intake at home, try to keep artificially sweetened drinks out of the fridge with water, and only allow a limited number of pure fruit juices and tea as their main options.

Water is beneficial to our bodies and the sooner you learn about that, the easier it is to make sure you’re drinking enough of it. A good daily water-routine starts with a glass in the morning when your kids wake up, a bottle for school, a bottle for extra-mural activities, a glass with lunch and dinner at home and one before bed.

Taking care of their skin


Children pick up germs easily. They’re surrounded by hundreds of other kids at school with their own germs, play outside and subconsciously touch their face 50 times a day after using public toilets (sometimes without washing their hands), doors and railings.

If they’re still at an age where acne isn’t a threat and their skin is practically perfect, it doesn’t mean it’s too early to implement a skin care routine. Your children, first of all, need to get into the habit of washing their hands regularly and not touching their faces (or putting their fingers in their mouths) as often. Secondly, they need to wash their face at the start and end of every day.  

Carrying this habit to their teenage years when they start wearing makeup or exercising on a regular basis, their skin will need that regular cleanse to stay clear and looking good.  

Being active


Being active is an important part of every person’s life and the earlier your children can focus on being fit, strong, coordinated and have good balance, the earlier they’re likely to take a liking to exercise and an active lifestyle. A bonus for you in this regard is that they won’t be screen-junkies in their spare time.

It’s not about forcing them to be the best player on the team or win individual awards for sports prestige. It’s about making sure that their bodies are healthy and their organs strong as a result of physical activity. If they wish to push themselves further to do better, that ball is in their court.

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle while they’re still young will make them more comfortable with their bodies and fitness levels when they get older and other growth hormones come into the picture.

Eating healthily


It’s a difficult task, but you need to find fruits and vegetables that your child will eat. You need to provide them with a balanced diet that’s complementary to their activities. It’s not uncommon to have children who perform well in a variety of sports but don’t enjoy eating which is counterproductive to their growth and strength building for their sports.

Don’t deprive your children of sweets, they are still kids who need to enjoy themselves. Just choose the right occasion and set a limit. Sugar is not healthy, but because it’s found in almost everything, you need to monitor their intake while they’re still reliant on your grocery shopping.

How to put an appropriate outfit together


Caring about how you look in public might not seem important when you’re a child and want to be comfortable. But as an adult, your personal appearance is a testament to the first impression by potential clients, employers, friends and partners.

It’s a good idea to teach your children the self-care habit of putting appropriate outfits together. When they reach their teen years, you don’t want to have to struggle with your son who refuses to wear a pair of jeans when you go out to dinner as a family. Take them to kids fashion shows (or have them in the fashion show) and build an interest in kids fashion for boys or girls when you go clothes shopping.

They don’t need to be fashion experts, but they should be able to pick out clothes they like, that make them happy and that they can dress themselves in for all occasions.

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