5 simple tips for revamping your bathroom

September 21, 2016

At some point, you need to make a few changes in and around your home. Yes, the bathroom is one of them. After all, the bathroom is the first place people generally go in the morning.

Bathroom revamping has certainly become a popular remodeling choice and for good reason. Bathrooms have the highest rate of return of any home addition or home remodel, not to mention that new bathrooms can really help ease the tension in a home where there aren’t enough bathrooms for the amount of people. Either way, a bathroom remodel is never a bad idea. From simple updates to elegant transformations, there is a wide variety of bathroom sets for your dream bathroom. Of course, when it comes to revamping a bathroom, it’s go big or go home.


This is easy and cheap. There is nothing like a fresh new coat of paint on your bathroom walls. This will only take you a few hours and if you are brave enough, you can do it yourself. The fixtures of a bathroom are often light with pastel colours, however you can always add a pop of color. Bear in mind that you might need to paint the bathroom cabinet as well.


The light fixture in any bathroom is highly important. Avoid adding a light above the mirror. That would throw a strong light on your forehead and cast deep shadows below your eyes, nose and chin. You should look your best when you look at your reflection. Then, candles also offer wonderful sparkle and set a distinctly relaxing, romantic tone. Just make sure you keep them well away from any flammable objects, such as towels, and never leave them unattended.


An easy upgrade in the bathroom is adding or changing the hardware on the bathroom cabinet. Simply add new knobs or pulls to make it really come alive. If you’re on a tight budget, grab a can of spray paint to revamp an old, drab fixture. You can always replace the old hardware with new trendy ones, or with ones that go with the color scheme of your bathroom.


This always sounds like a big and scary project, but it doesn’t have to be. Groutable luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are always an option. It’s quick, easy (no experience needed), and a budget friendly way to cover up an old floor. And if your floor is not that old, you might just want a change and LVT flooring is the answer. Another idea for an easy flooring upgrade is wood laminate, which most of the time can be installed directly over your existing floor. New flooring will truly jazz up a bathroom, hands down.


Last, but certainly not least, the layers. If you’re on a bare bones budget, it’s recommended that you rather focus on the layers in your bathroom. What layers will you use? a pretty shower curtain, artwork, hooks, shelving, etc. The layers used in your bathroom show your style and share the story of who you are.

The bathroom is probably one of the rooms you use the most in your home, so it makes sense to pay it some special attention. Incorporate elements you love and those that are truly meaningful. Also, look for inspiration around you before executing.


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