5 tips for throwing your first housewarming

April 12, 2017

Finally, you are moving into your first ever flat. Okay, you’re just renting but it’s still a big deal. This is a massive celebration and should be enjoyed with your close friends. There’s something really special and memorable about planning a housewarming party from the start and watching as your guests have an absolute ball. It’s also great to share in your excitement with the people that mean the most to you.


There’s nothing worse than having a large amount of cancellations just before your event. Plan accordingly and send out the invites about two weeks before the housewarming. You might have different pockets of friends, like your university friends and work colleagues. Decide if you’re going to mix the crowds or do something separate. It’s often fun to combine your friend groups as this way people can mingle and meet new people. It’s also a great way for your friends to finally meet each other and bond over your new flat! These days, email invites are perfectly acceptable and a follow-up SMS a few days before the event should do the trick in reminding your friends about the party. Remember to add your location to your invite. Add a map from the internet, it’ll show your guests that you’ve taken the extra step to help them feel welcome. Plus, it will probably decrease the chances of anyone getting lost on the way to your new place.

The food

The art of the presentation is paramount and simple, delicious foods always impress a crowd rather than complicated recipes that take hours to prepare. Depending on what time of year you have your housewarming, you can either do wintery warm foods such as a home-cooked lasagna or a butternut soup or, if it’s summer, try mini wraps or kebabs. When it comes to the menu, keep it simple and keep it delicious. And always offer up selections that you can make one to two days prior to the event. You don’t want to be spending hours slaving away and feel so tired on the night of your party that you end up not enjoying it. If you’d like your friends to bring something special, note that in the invite. However, unless it’s something small like a side dish, try and prepare the house warming meals on your own. After all, this is your chance to show off your adulting skills.

Introduce your friends

People will inevitably stick with people they know, so make an effort to introduce your various friends to each other and encourage a conversation. As the host, it’s important that you make sure everyone is feeling welcome and at home. Join in on conversations but don’t spend too long with one group. You want to mingle around, thank your guests for being there and ensure that they are satisfied. There’s no problem with enjoying a drink or two with your friends but make sure that the food preparation is under control. You don’t want to be serving burned roasted vegetables!

The ambiance

The ambiance of the venue is incredibly important. Add scatter cushions to your couches, white candles to the tables throughout the house and a bouquet of flowers at the entrance. You want your housewarming to be a representation of your house and how you like to live, so ensure that you have given your place a spring clean. Now is the time to add clean bedding sets to the rooms, ensure that you have packed away all the laundry and that your house is presentable. It’s a good idea to have music playing in the background too. Ask your friends to help create a playlist, this way everyone has a  say in the music genre playing.

Theme it up

Having a themed party adds an element of fun. You can decide what the theme is and let people know in the invite. You can also try coupling your housewarming with a holiday party. For example, a Halloween themed housewarming party, choose a letter of the alphabet or tell people to come as their favourite movie character. It’s a good idea to remind people of the theme a few days prior to your get together to ensure everyone is on the same page. You can also have a basket at the front door with a few props in it in case you have a few friends who have forgotten about the theme.

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