5 Tips on creating a bathroom haven

March 31, 2017

You could love belting out a Beyoncé tune loudly in the shower. Or maybe you enjoy really long, warm bubble baths that leave you feeling relaxed. Whatever way you use your bathroom, you can make it a sanctuary you enjoy using by making sure that it’s clean, efficient, comfortable and equipped with everything you need.

Bathroom sets

Your bathroom should be cleaned often. It may be your least favourite chore but it has to be done. The toilet seat, rim and handle have to be washed thoroughly. Make sure that you have gloves on and use a scrubbing brush while cleaning the toilet.

Ways to make your bathroom smell good

Open your bathroom windows and door after you take a shower and bath. Your bathroom could get stuffy if you don’t. If you have a bathroom fan, you can turn it on until the steam disappears. Children can leave the bathroom messy and that might lead to a bad odour in the bathroom. Mop the floors, clean the toilet and make sure you wipe away all the grime on the sink.

You can make your bathroom smell nice by placing scented candles. Or add a basket of potpourri to add a wonderful fragrance to your bathroom. Potpourri is made up of dried plants and flowers and won’t overwhelm your senses.


Mould in the shower is problematic for many people. And can leave the bathroom and shower looking unattractive. Black mould can be toxic and needs to be removed immediately. The mould can be found all over the bathroom, on your tiles, under the soap holder or on the window sill. When you finish using the shower make sure that you wipe away all the moisture on the walls and floor.

Shower curtains come in a wide variety. And there are a few things you should consider about the type of material you buy. Fabrics that need to be professionally cleaned such as velvet will need a vinyl liner. But if your shower curtain is made of a lighter material, such as cotton, you won’t need one.


Wallpaper can add beauty and glamour to a bathroom. It comes in all shapes, patterns and sizes. For example, you can change a dull bathroom just by using a bold, floral wallpaper to brighten up the room. Your wall could be filled with scratches, cracks and stains that you can’t get rid of. Wallpaper could be used to hide these defects you may have on your wall. It’s also handy because it can last for 10 to 20 years. And there are certain types of wallpapers that you can repaint over time.

If you are decorating your kid’s bathroom, you may want to reconsider using wallpaper because children could splash and splatter water all over the wallpaper when they take a bath.

Bathroom perks

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be reminiscent of the fifties. You could add a few things to spice it up and leave you entertained. Technology has changed the way we do life. And now our bathrooms can be upgraded with many fun features.

You could buy a shower that has a radio installed in it. And you could listen to all your favourite tunes and the latest news from your favourite radio station.

Or you can now have a steam room in your very own home by buying a steam shower. If you’ve had a hard day at work or high impact workout session you’ll enjoy the benefits of a steam shower. Steam showers leave you rejuvenated and they also help clear out your skin. They can also help heal your sore muscles after a long day.

You can add a TV in your bathroom and catch up on all the latest series. When you come out of the bathtub you’ll leave calm and relaxed.
There’s nothing like a bathroom session that’ll leave you fresh, clean and smelling good. Our bathroom should be our calm oasis where we spend a few minutes in a peaceful room. You could use it to take a long bubble bath with a book in one hand or for a quick rejuvenating shower. Your bathroom should provide the perfect escape. And it won’t be pleasant if it’s filled with soap grime, mould and dirt. Daily upkeep can keep your bathroom span.

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