5 ways to make your house smell good

February 24, 2017

Does your home smell good? Like really good? Life can easily get in the way of keeping your home in tip top shape. Busy and important appointments on your agenda can overtake your senses and a neglected home can sometimes lead to one that doesn’t smell particularly fresh. But a home that smells fresh is one people feel comfortable in.

Have you ever walked into your home and immediately sense that something smells funny? Where is it coming from? You sniff and search the drains, the toilet, the fridge and so on. Odours in the home can be a nuisance to rectify and be embarrassing if you have guests over. In many cases, it’s difficult to pinpoint the cause of the odour. But it’s important to track down thesource and try to get rid of it.

A beautiful scent in your home acts like an accessory and adds character, making your space feel extra plush and chic. In the short term, you can make use of scented products, like Airoma, to neutralise odours and infuse your space with a beautiful scent. There’s something really nice about a good scent. You’re not always aware of it but when you walk into a room you’ll immediately pick it up.

Here are a few ways to make your house smell good and fresh.

Air out your house

Being at work all day and coming home in the evening when it’s dark means your home is closed up all day. However, the best way to get the old air to move out is to open the windows and let new fresh air in. Do this as soon as you arrive home. If you have a small bathroom or roof window, perhaps you can leave this open while you’re at work. However, only do so if it’s safe to leave windows open. For best results, open windows in multiple rooms to create a cross-breeze. Whenever someone’s at home, whether it’s your kids or a domestic worker, ask  them to open the windows. Just a few minutes of having the windows open can help the room smell clean and fresh.

Remove the cause of odour

This will require a bit of your time but you won’t feel free of the disgusting scent in your house until you’ve tackled the cause of it. Sometimes you must search for the source of the odour and other times it’ll be right under your nose. Some places to look for unpleasant smells spoilt upholstery, damp laundry, ancient leftovers in the fridge, clogged kitchen and bathroom drains, full rubbish bins and the list goes on. Believe it or not, dust stinks too. To help cut down on dust in your home, try decluttering before you start deep-cleaning.
Use scented products

These products are the quickest way to bring some lovely fragrances into your home. Make sure that all the scents are the same or at least complementary to ensure you stick to one smell. It’ll also keep you from being choked by too much perfume. If you don’t want your home to smell like a potpourri factory then you should stay away from different fragrances. So it’s important to try and stick to one type, for example, the Airoma Essence Range. Also, don’t make use of these fragrant products while cooking. Some smells don’t go well together and it may be somewhat repulsive to smell onions mixed with potpourri.

Bring the outside in

Have you ever thought of having a plant or two in your home? In this modern world people have moved away from having plants in their homes, but little do they know that indoor plants are extremely beneficial. Indoor plants clean the air while beautifying your home. And many give off pleasant fragrances, too. If you don’t want any plants in your home then you can consider buying a bouquet of flowers and leave them on your counter, dining room or coffee table. Not only are they pretty to look at but they’ll also make the room smell great.

Carpet freshener

Sprinkling your rugs with a powdered carpet freshener and then give them a quick vacuum. This can make a big difference to the smell of your home in only a few minutes. You should do this on a regular basis, perhaps once a week. The colour of your carpet doesn’t matter as the freshener won’t stain. A benefit to this is that when you vacuum up carpet fresheners, your vacuum cleaner will smell good too. Baby powder works well if you don’t have any carpet freshener at hand.

There’s nothing better than the feeling you have after you’ve spring cleaned out your home. So, the next time you have uninvited guests over you won’t have to worry and feel embarrassed about bad odours. For a long-term solution to having a nice smelling home environment, you really do have to keep the odours from starting in the first place. And remember to air out your house on a regular (preferably daily) basis. It’s good for you, your house and guests.

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