7 Autumn fashion trends

March 14, 2016

Autumn is just around the corner. In the next couple of weeks we’ll be (hopefully) enjoying cooler weather, crunchy leaves and the promise of some much needed rain.


Another benefit of the new season? All new fashion trends. There are plenty of amazing, fun trends which have recently hit the runway and are making their way into our stores.


Here are some of our favourite fashion trends for Autumn.


Fringe. This has been around for a while already. Everything seems to have a fringe these days. Dresses, jackets, handbags and pants all seem to have a little bit of fringe. There are ways to do this trend well. And there are ways to do this trend really badly. Make sure to be subtle about it. Don’t have every item in your wardrobe covered in fringe.


Plaid. Now this is a trend which everyone who loves comfort can get behind. Plaid shirts are all the rage right now and they’re super easy to wear. Simply pair them with your favourite denims, a comfortable pair of boots or sneakers, a trendy jacket and you’re good to head out the door.


Borrow from the men. Boyfriend shirts and jeans are in style right now. We couldn’t be happier about it. These slightly oversized styles mean you’ll be able to stay warm and comfortable this Autumn. And you’ll look great. Don’t wear both at once. Rather wear something a little more fitted on the other half of your body to stop yourself from looking like you’re drowning in fabric.


Comfortable shoes. Forget about your stilettos and pinching pumps, ladies shoes have suddenly become a lot more comfortable. Suddenly flat, slip-on mules and block heels are all the rage. This means you can be classy and comfortable, without worrying about falling over.


Off the shoulder tops. This doesn’t really make sense as an Autumn trend. No one wants cold shoulders. But this is a trend overseas for Spring and because South Africa is receiving all the same fashions as our friends overseas, we’ll have to deal with chilly clavicles to be at the forefront of fashion.


Raw hem denim. Your granny isn’t going to like this one. But raw hems are suddenly all the rage. Instead of looking unfinished, they’re super stylish. Wear your denims to show off your ankles and keep those hems raw. The bonus of this trend? You can simply shorten your own denims without worrying about sewing those hems.


Stripes. And more stripes. A classic that will never be out of style, Stripes are everyone’s best wardrobe addition. They always look stylish and put together. If you’re worried about horizontal stripes making you appear wide, the great news is that stripes in Autumn mean you can add a jacket or cardigan, cutting off the stripe at the edges and making you appear smaller. Now that’s a fashion win.

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