7 items you’ll need for the perfect summer picnic

October 19, 2016

Big fan of dining al fresco, are you? Love rolling out a blanket, sitting on covered earth, and eating little salads and fruit from tupperware? Of course you do. Picnics are a favourite around summertime – both spur-of-the-moment sandwiches on the lawn, and well-planned feasts. What’s not to love about sitting out in nature, enjoying some company and a plate full of delicious food? And here are a few great suggestions to making that perfect picnic.

Easy to eat food

Anything too saucy is a nightmare. Stick to chilled pastas and salads. And don’t underestimate the power of a good hoagie. Deviled eggs are always appropriate and delicious. Bear in mind that the perfect picnic meals foods that can last in the cooler all day.

Drinks and cups

It’s so easy to forget the cups, so please, don’t. Make sure the ice that’s meant for drinks is kept separate to the rest of the ice in your cooler. That way, it’ll stay clean when the ketchup explodes.

Fun snacks

The kids might hate you if you only bring carrot and celery sticks, so try and have a little fun with the snacks, even if it means paying a little extra. Nutella popsicles are a thing now, as are rice cakes and fruit jelly. And a box of Smarties never killed anyone.


The eating part of the picnic takes about three seconds (for the kids, anyway), so make sure they have plenty to do while you finish off your juice box. Surprise them with that new toy they’ve been asking for, or pack a tennis ball or frisbee.

A picnic blanket

Why bring a thin, ratty old sheet when you can bring a comforter? You must have an old double or queen-size blanket in the cupboard that could stand to get a little dirt and potato salad on it. The extra padding it provides goes a long way. A bigger blanket will have your whole family covered.

Awesome pants

There are pants made specifically for picnicking. Picnic pants take advantage of the usual cross-legged position to become a comfortable surface, useful for consumption of a meal outdoors. The picnic pants also have some sort of pocket beverage holder.


Lather up the little rug-rats after lunch to avoid sunburn. Your skin can also be harmed by sun exposure if you’re not constantly protecting yourself with sunscreen. While sunburn is the immediate consequence, longer term damage to your skin is a lot less fun.

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