7 Ways to juggle work and pregnancy

April 24, 2018

Falling pregnant and juggling a career is not easy. While it might be the news you’ve been dreaming about, it could be seen as a taboo topic in many business environments. Depending on the industry you’re in, you could face a major challenge when admitting your pregnancy, both in side effects and with your boss’ reaction. And, although it’s a beautiful new chapter, it can also put a damper on your career.

From morning sickness to loss of appetite and a hormone imbalance, being pregnant is difficult in the initial phases. To ensure that this period is easy and hassle-free, here are a few tips to consider:

·         Tell your boss that you’re pregnant

If you’re in a high position at your company, telling your boss that you’re pregnant can cause unnecessary drama that is unhealthy for you and the baby. Stress is an emotion that you don’t want to be experiencing during this process, but being open and honest with your boss may help to put you at ease. Before you schedule a meeting with your boss, map out everything you’re going to say.

  • Announce your pregnancy to your co-workers

Letting the cat out of the bag will make you feel better about juggling work and pregnancy. Especially after telling your co-workers. The next step after telling your boss should be informing your co-workers if you feel the need to. It’s always better to be honest than face the rumours. You will be thankful for your announcement on days that you’re feeling down with little energy to face the day. Every woman experiences pregnancy differently, so it’s nothing to feel ashamed about or discriminated against for.

  • Be honest about how you feel

Having a baby is a life-changing experience. It’s also one that you’re fortunate to be able to experience. You need to live and make decisions that will help give your baby a better quality of life. If you wake up and feel ill or drained, be honest with yourself and your co-workers. When you keep the communication channels open and clear, you’ll experience a seamless work pregnancy without feeling guilty.

  • Start thinking about your post-pregnancy options

During your discussion with your boss or managers, take the time to discuss your post-pregnancy plans. If you feel that your work position may be threatened by your pregnancy, speak about it. Knowing that you’re coming back to a full-time job after you give birth will give you peace of mind and security. If not, and you’d like to discuss a flexible working schedule, make sure you plan your speech and do your research. When you have a secure plan in place, you will feel at ease with your employer and future.

At the end of the day, having a healthy pregnancy is the ultimate goal. While it may feel uncomfortable to experience morning sickness at work, be prepared for your symptoms. Keep emergency kits in your drawers for the moments when urgency strikes. Also, try to refrain from strenuous exercise when you’re going through the toughest months. Whatever you do, you must not exert yourself.

  • Prepare for the good and bad days

It’s a given that working full-time and being pregnant is going to be challenging. There are going to be good and bad days. Some when you’re full of happiness and energy, and others when you’re unmotivated and sad. The best advice is to try and leave your negativity at home and try not to let your pregnancy interfere with your work. You still need to be as efficient as possible. If your position requires you to do unsafe tasks in unfamiliar environments, take proper safety precautions. And, if you feel the need to take the day off and escape from the “real world”, you should be allowed to without interference from colleagues, disruptive service providers or more. According to the Consumer Protection Act, you have the right to refuse unwanted direct marketing such as phone calls, SMSs, letters or spam emails. Give yourself the time and space you need to recharge your batteries.

  • Enjoy being pregnant

As mentioned, being pregnant is a wonderful opportunity. It’s an opportunity that most women dream of experiencing in their lifetime. Look after yourself and take the time to enjoy the good things about being pregnant. For example, shopping for your newborn, decorating their bedroom and sharing your excitement with your friends, family and co-workers. Look after your body and make sure that you eat the required nutrients to keep yourself and your baby happy and healthy. While you may feel that since you’re pregnant, you can just take advantage of carbs and sugar, be careful with your intake. The food and substances that you put into your body are going to be passed onto your baby. Make sure it’s healthy.

Final words

If you’re a first-time mom-to-be, it is going to be a very surreal experience. You’re going to need to set boundaries and do your best to perform at optimum level regardless of your changing lifestyle. There are always going to be challenges when it comes to working while pregnant, however, by making the right choices and juggling your time and energy, you’ll be able to work through this phase with ease.

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