6 must-have appliances in a modern kitchen

November 4, 2016

We all want our homes to look good. To show off your spaces with pride and hear those “oohs” and “aahs” from your guests as you show them your new window treatment, that impeccable focal wall in the living room and the quality of your hallway floors. But if in style is what you want to be, there’s something else you need to focus on – the quality of your kitchen. Here are eight kitchen appliances that you must have in a modern kitchen.

Double ovens

This does not only look cool in your kitchen, they provide a main oven you can use without bending over and a secondary oven for plate warming and additional baking. Separating the ovens from the burners also let you install a cooktop in a kitchen island or elsewhere, opening up new floor-plan possibilities.

Ample lighting

Outfit a kitchen with layers of light and consider multiple fixtures to cover every area. Recessed ceiling fixtures shine down on work surfaces or can be pointed at a wall or stove area. Hanging pendant lights cover the island with light. Don’t forget under-cabinet lights for proper task lighting on every countertop.

Appliance garage

Pack your countertop appliances away and out of sight with an appliance garage. Typically set at countertop level, these cabinets allow you to keep your small appliances plugged in, all while tucked neatly behind closed doors. When sizing your appliance garage, think about the appliances you want to store behind closed doors on the counter – such as heavy and bulky stand mixers.

Built-in refrigerator

If you’re focused on seamless design and a long-life appliances, then you’ll probably want to look at a built-in refrigerator. Depending on the design choices you’ve made for the rest of your kitchen, it’s likely to fit in fine. To get easy and convenient access to your food from the fridge and freezer, consider buying a side by side fridge freezer for sale, which can be built-in.

Trash and recycling

Make life easier by planning a handy trash and recycling area. Whether you choose to put it under the sink, in a pantry, or in a handy pull-out drawer, this is one feature you’ll use every day. So convenience is paramount.

Divided storage

Internal drawer dividers give you a template for organising your kitchen utensils – it’s not optional, you must get organised. Built-in dividers also give a more finished look to the space than organisers purchased separately and placed in the drawer.

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