8 things every woman should own

We all have different tastes. We have our own style and like different things. And that’s okay. Not all women are the same and we should celebrate that. We’re all unique and that’s great. So, when it comes to things every woman should own, it can be tricky. However, there are a few things that most women will agree are definitely a necessity.

If you’re about to go on a shopping spree and are wondering what to splurge on, here are eight things every woman should own in order to make their lives that little bit easier.

A good-quality handbag

You don’t need to own 20 handbags in all different shapes and sizes. And you certainly don’t need all the colours of the rainbow. But you should definitely have one handbag you can count on and that goes with all the outfits you wear on a daily basis. This should be one of those purchases you’re 100 percent sure about. It’s worth investing in this handbag as you’ll probably be get a lot of use out of it over the years. Try go for a classic style and neutral colour as you don’t want it to go out of style after six months.

A bra you can always count on

You know the importance of owning a good bra. You know that a wire cutting into you or inadequate support can really ruin your day. Every woman has owned a bra that simply doesn’t work, no matter how pretty it is. And, because bras aren’t cheap, you don’t want to make the mistake of purchasing the wrong one. It’s always a good idea to invest in an underwear brand you can trust for the perfect look and support, like Triumph.

A great pair of dress-up shoes

There will always be an occasion where you have to wear a smart pair of shoes. Whether you love a good pair of stilettos or prefer classic pumps that go with everything, you need to own something that you could wear to an important black tie event. Some women own a closet full of these kinds of shoes while others prefer to only have a few pairs they can count on. Whichever type of woman you are, you should always own at least one pair of dress-up shoes you can whip out at a moment’s notice.  

A pair of comfortable sneakers

You don’t need to be a runner to own running shoes. You don’t need to live in jeans and T-shirts to own a great pair of sneakers. There will be days when you feel like comfort is the only thing that matters. Sometimes you’ll just want to go to the shopping centre and walk around without the clacking of heels. Sometimes you’ll just feel like going into the office dressed a bit more casual than usual. And when those days happen, you’ll be glad you own a comfortable pair of (stylish) sneakers.

A pair of tracksuit or yoga pants

If you do yoga or go to the gym, you probably already own sweatpants or yoga pants. And you know how great they feel after being dressed up all day. Even if you don’t exercise regularly (which everyone should), you should still own a pair of these. They’ll make all the difference when you want to spend the evening on the couch binge watching TV series.

A perfect mascara or lipstick

Some people want to accentuate their lips and others want to draw attention to their beautiful eyes. Which type of person are you? If you’re a lips woman, then you should always carry that perfect shade with you. You may not think you need it when you leave the house but then plans change and you need to up your game. And when it comes to mascara, you have to purchase quality and know what looks best on you. Do you prefer the clumpy look or dark, fine lashes?

A fancy dress

Your old high school bestie is getting married? Your brother is throwing a black tie anniversary with his partner? You have to attend a mandatory formal work event to network with potential clients? What are you going to wear? You don’t want to have to go shopping at the last possible moment. And that’s why you should always have that one outfit you know you can pull off. And if you add different accessories, your outfit can look unique each time.

A reliable laptop

Let’s stray away from appearances for a minute. Every woman should have a reliable laptop. Or a computer. Or a tablet. Whether you need to answer emails from clients at a moment’s notice or write up reports on a Saturday afternoon, you need something reliable you can work on. And these aren’t only for work. You can use any one of these to keep in touch with family members and friends through social media and instant messaging.