A fresh and different way to liven up your space

May 26, 2015

A fresh and different way to liven up your space

Forget the traditional way of decorating your house. Forget matching curtains with scatter cushions. If you want to try something different this season, then throw traditional décor out the window and scratch off buying new photo frames. Unique style and funky colours will never go out of season, the bolder you go, the funkier you’re space becomes.

Group artwork pieces

Frames, artwork, cool cut-outs from magazines or kids’ sketches look impressive when grouped together on one wall. No single image stands out. Instead, it’s the arrangement of frames in different shapes and sizes that creates overall impact.

Paint a piece of furniture

Paint existing living room furniture and allow it to stand out in a fresh new shade. If you have a neutral scheme, or if your living space is already moodily grey, give it a shot of fun and spice with a coffee table painted in contrasting hot pink or neon yellow. You can also purchase lounge suites that come in an array of bright colours.

Hang vintage mirrors

Mirrors make a great alternative to artwork, and if hung in groups, it reflects the opposite wall and help break up a dark paint shade. Vintage mirrors, especially from the 1930s and 1940s, are abundant and inexpensive, too.

Wacky displays look great on walls

Hanging pictures on the wall has becomes so mundane. If you dare to be kooky then string up a few dolls against the wall. If your taste is less doll-ish, consider hanging plates, old racks, coasters, metal advertising signs or textiles on the wall.

Organise objects

Updating your living space can be as simple as tidying and reorganising what you already have. Having shelves demonstrate how neatly arranged magazines or books can make a wall attractive without looking messy. You can also arrange your books according to spine colour and limit the number of objects you have on display, giving it a nice crisp look.

Personalise photos

Peg photos on a string, instead of placing them in photo frames. It will instantly give character and provide a story of holidays and family trees. The great thing about this idea is that it will cost you no money at all.


Make more of house plants

The house plant has been standing in our homes for years, providing little to no character at all. A cactus can become stylish when put in bell jars, cloches, vases or jars. Then just arrange them in around the fireplace or on a coffee table as an original, organic display.

Making your home unconventional could get it landed in leading lifestyle magazines. Being unique stands out from the crowd and instantly becomes a hit with visitors. You don’t have to box yourself in by living in an ordinary home, make it extra ordinary and simply thinking out of the box.


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