Age appropriate chores for children

June 27, 2016

Age appropriate chores are essential for your little ones. It gives them a sense of responsibility where they are able to learn at an early age that playing your part is vital. Later on in life you’ll have have a child who is able to complete tasks, allowing them the ability to persevere and be responsible. It may be difficult at first to let go of their hand, but the more control you give them, the more they’re able to take responsibility. So, let go and let them do what they are able to.


Know the difference


There’s a difference between chores and responsibilities. Making the bed, cleaning the room and picking up toys are daily responsibilities. These are habits that need to be instilled in your child from a young age. At the age of five they’re able to take on full responsibility for their rooms and pets. Teach them from a young age what it means to keep their living space tidy, and giving water and food to the dog. Chores are extra responsibilities your child should be able to fulfill such as cleaning the bathroom vanity, sweeping, dusting furniture and helping to clean the backyard. From a young age, they could be responsible for passing tools to dad while he is working with timber decking or fixing the dog kennel.


Chores for ages five and older


  • Wiping down the window sills.
  • Cleaning out under their beds.
  • Helping to clean and clear the table after dinner.
  • Sweeping the hallway with broom and using the dustpan.
  • Washing windows.
  • Emptying all small garbage bins into the big bin and sorting the recyclable items.
  • Helping to pack lunch.
  • Being responsible for their mess and cleaning up after themselves.


Set up a chore chart


School life can be a bit difficult to manage, especially if you have to consider extracurricular activities, homework and their chores. Set up a chore chart where they have to do two chores during the school week and three chores over holidays and term break. They may kick up a fuss at first. They’d rather have play time so let them get the chores out the way first and then have their fun time. After a while you’ll notice that they’ll become very proud of their work and will seek your approval. Tell them they are doing a good job and always reaffirm it.


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