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Are you ready to move in together?

October 21, 2015

You need ensure that you are not just financially ready to move in with your partner, but also emotionally. Your emotional well-being plays a vital role in whether or not your relationship goals will escalate for the better, or the worse. Moving in with your partner is like test driving a Lamborghini before you buy it. You may be in for the ride of your life or come to a sudden halt because you find that speed is not quite what it is made out to be.

You know their ins and outs already

If you spend most of your nights together and have the spare key to each other place, then moving in together is very likely. Not even to mention having a toothbrush over at their place or you know what their little annoyances are, then transitioning will be easy. The insignificant things like him leaving the toilet seat up or you not taking out the trash won’t bother you guys you much. Once you have reached the level of comfort ability with your partner then you are all good to go.

You’re on the same relationship level

It’s a necessity to make sure you both have the same goals for the relationship. If your partner is not in this for the long haul, then there is basically no point going through all the drama of packing and unpacking and putting up with their little bad habit. Getting out the bond affordability calculator then mustn’t make any sense because you are basically setting yourself up for failure.

Your partner should at least feel eager enough to walk down the aisle and forever should be in their vocabulary. Many people assume living together will eventually result in marriage. Until you’ve had the talk about “forever”, don’t get your hopes up too soon. And definitely don’t make any assumptions.

You always make up after a fight

This one is very important because it shows that you guys are already stable. Staying mad at each other only lasts for a couple of days because you know that your bond is stronger than a silly fight. Fights also show how strong your relationship with the person is and whether or not both of you can take the punch. Arguments between lovers may add spice to the relationship, but you also get to see the person for they are. Now, ask yourself, is this the kind of person I will be able to live with?

You and your partner need to have the greatest amount of care for each other’s feelings so that your emotional well-being can thrive. If you already have difficulty in your relationship before cohabitation, then living together will not solve those issues.


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