Basic equipment you’ll need before exercising

March 26, 2015

Basic equipment you’ll need before exercising

Starting a new sport or exercise routine can be a daunting prospect. Not having the correct equipment can be an excuse we use to avoid starting a new healthy lifestyle.

There is basic equipment that each sport or exercise needs. The sooner you buy these and make them part of your life, the sooner you’ll be able to make a habit of making exercise a part of your life.



Running is one of the most simplest exercises to become involved in. You really only need a pair of running shoes and a supportive sports bra before you begin pounding the pavement. You might decide later you need to buy specialised running gear and a watch to keep track of your times and kilojoules burned.



Cycling requires some investment. You’ll need to ensure you have a properly fitted bicycle for the type of riding you plan on doing. It needs to have a comfortable saddle which might not come standard and you’ll have to get fitted. Other essentials include a helmet and some reflective gear so motorists can see you.



Perhaps the most difficult part about deciding you’d like to start swimmin, is finding a place to swim. Most people are not lucky enough to have a pool at home. The next option is a gym, but who really can afford to pay gym fees? Perhaps there is a community pool in your neighbourhood or a school pool which parents have access to. Ask around, you may be surprised which options are available to you. Once you’ve found your pool, you’ll need a swimming costume and cap.


Weight training

it really doesn’t matter how much cardio you do, unless you’re doing some form of weight and strength training, you won’t see the results you’d like to see. The most effective way to easily do this at home is to use your own bodyweight. Purchase a set of dumbbells for added efficiency but they aren’t essential. Examples of exercise include crunches, pushups and squats.


As you can see, you don’t need a lot of equipment to begin exercising. Buy the basics, start exercising and you’ll soon love your new routine.
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