Bathroom essentials needed in a modern bathroom

September 18, 2017

The bathroom is one of those rooms that gets the least attention when it comes to revamping. There are many small changes that can make a huge difference to this room. Whether it’s the bathroom in your first apartment or you just moved to a new house and want to start off on the right foot, there are a number of essentials needed in every bathroom.

Everyone needs to have a place where they come to for relaxation, and a bathroom can be that place. Make yourself feel comfortable, pampered and at home with a bathroom that caters to all your needs. In a modern bathroom, you have to keep it as simple as possible. Create an atmosphere that suits your personality or current style. Get rid of all those things that don’t fit in with your lifestyle and try to opt for a more updated look.

Some bathrooms seem to never go out of style. However, there are always a few essentials that are needed in a bathroom. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, you can create a difference with a new look on a restricted budget.

Here are a few essentials that are needed in a modern bathroom.

Shower curtain

Everyone loves their privacy and what’s a shower without its curtain? If your shower isn’t good looking or doesn’t fit in with your modern style, perhaps you should get a new curtain for it. Get one that fits in with the colour scheme of your bathroom. If your shower is presentable and making a statement, then you can opt for a transparent shower curtain. That way your shower will always be seen. If you’re not keen for a curtain, perhaps a glass door can work?

A mirror

If you want to go all modern, then getting one or two mirrors is a must. This needs a lot of attention as you’ll be looking at it every day. Gone are the days of having only one mirror in your bathroom. You can go for two or three mirrors. These will be the art in your bathroom. You should know the rules for when choosing a mirror: not too small or big, too high or low. This is something everyone will be looking at when entering the bathroom, so make sure you get a modern one that’ll fit in with your new bathroom. A mirror is also a great way to bring light into your bathroom. Perhaps you can consider putting a small mirror opposite your bathroom window to reflect light.

Hand towels

Get creative when choosing your hand towels. Don’t use your normal bath towel to dry your hands. Perhaps you can install a looped towel hook so people know to use that towel instead of the big one. You can even use a freestanding towel stand. Always keep wet wipes handy as some people don’t like to use a towel to dry their hands.

Trash bin

This is something your bathroom can’t go without. Even if it doesn’t fit in with your revamping style, you have to get it in there. Get a small one that’s the same colour as your bathroom wall. You can place it in the corner next to the toilet or in the cupboard under the basin if you have one. You don’t want guests to bring out their rubbish to throw in a bin somewhere outside the bathroom or, even worse, keep it on them.

Good lighting

This is something you definitely need to check when it comes to your bathroom. This might not sound like a bathroom essential, but it’s needed. During the day, try to get as much natural lighting as possible. Hence why you need to place a mirror opposite your window. Get bulbs that provide your bathroom with the softest, most forgiving glow as possible. You want to come home every day to relax in a hot bubble bath with the perfect lighting, not bright lighting that’ll give you a headache.

Get enough storage space

It’s all about space in a modern bathroom. Consider installing cupboards in your bathroom to put toothbrushes, shampoo and any other essentials in. It doesn’t look good if these are just lying around on your wash basin. If you have enough storage space, you can stock your cleaning supplies and extra towels in there as well. That’ll make your bathroom look bigger and more spacious.

These are just a few of the bathroom essentials that are needed in a modern bathroom. There are a lot more, like a toothbrush holder, toilet paper holder and a bath mat, to name a few. Check out how much bathroom sets cost and always try to stick to a budget. Make sure you have everything to create a modern and stylish look in your bathroom. Design the bathroom according to your personality and have fun with this.


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