Be security-savvy in your home

June 22, 2016

Home security is a big deal. It’s an issue that requires a lot of research and energy as you have to get it right. It all starts with you pinpointing what you value the most. Identifying your concerns means that you can get really specific about where your greatest risk lies and create a security system that is built to optimally protect you, your loved ones and your home.


Burglars scouting to do a home invasion weigh up the risk involved so the more security measures you’ve employed, the better


Think of home security in a layered way. The more layers of security you have, the more of a deterrent these measures will form for burglars. An easy target is the best target and if your home appears difficult to penetrate the criminals are bound to stay away.


Think of what you most need to protect and use that as a framework to decide on your safety and protection measures


Do you have children? Safety and security in the home is of primary concern to parents. Keeping your child safe inside your home and when playing outside is of utmost importance. Depending on the type of house you have you might consider measures such as electric fencing on top of the perimeter walls, beams across the garden that are connected to your inside alarm system and signing up to your local neighbourhood watch.


You’re likely to also be interested in car security. Your vehicle is on of the most expensive things you own. No matter whether your vehicle is a used car from Gauteng or a luxury ride imported from Italy, it is not something you can afford to have stolen. Even if you protect your vehicle with comprehensive car insurance, the hassle and administration of this experience is nightmarish. You need to take measures to secure your car. If you have a garage then connect it to your security system so that should someone attempt to steal your car, your house alarm and vehicle alarm will go off and the security company alerted.


If you’re able to see and alarm most of your home then you should be able to ward off criminals


Similarly, if criminals can see that your property has been sufficiently protected then they are further deterred to try and infiltrate your property. Systems that include security cameras which you can check whenever you want, are ideal for securing the outer perimeters of your home. You can even make use of systems which allow you to remotely check in to your property when you’re away. It’s also rather nifty to set-up outside lighting that works off a sensor system. Criminals are averse to light, if they move in front of a sensor light and it suddenly shines brightly down on them then they’re likely to get off your property as soon as possible.


If you’ve recently moved into the area and are unsure of whether crime is unheard of or commonplace, go and have a chat with the local private security companies and neighbourhood watch groups


Speaking with those in the know will give you a good idea of the crime rate in the area. Remember, some of the most affluent areas are targeted for break-ins. Unfortunately crime happens everywhere. However, some areas become a target because of access, such as houses which are partially hidden by the natural overgrowth of a lush garden or houses that are on a hill and there are access points hidden away from the road as they are below ground level. You really can’t be too careful and your interest in understanding the community and what concerns them will also show your positive, neighbourly attitude. Join up with neighbourhood and school WhatsApp groups so that you can remain informed of all and any nefarious activities in your home surrounds.

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