Bedroom décor that suites your style

October 23, 2015

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary and it should depict who you are. Many times you will find that if your cupboard is messy, clothes laying on the floor and stacked on the chair, then there is a part of your life that is also a bit chaotic and not in order. The moment you get your head space right you will notice your room also being more vibrant. That is because our rooms are a manifestation of who we truly are.

Cosy cottage style bedroom

The bedding sets you are going to get are the ones that scream “snuggle me, I’m homey.” The classic white or cream in colour with a hint of mustard or a brown texture is the way to go. Putting up against the head dressing of your bed, will give simple, yet elegant tone to the drapery and it will tie into the theme. You’ll want to choose a texture that is rich in colour and fills the imagination. A caned white-painted bed frame, while crisp white sheets perk up when topped with a mix of toile and damask pillows will top off the look you are going for.

A tapestry of colours and patterns will set the mood for a cottage tone. This timeless look will sink if you have the bedding sets to match the theme. Get graphic silhouette-style accent pillows deliver an impulsive exclamation point.

The modern bedroom

Who said steel, black and a solid white can’t enter your room? If this is your style then go for it. The elegance of chrome on white has no equivalent. Black and white is a popular contemporary decorating trend. Two floor-length mirrors complement the black wood-framed bed and highlight two glass chandeliers, this will bring sophistication and class in your room. There is no need to save this look for the living room only.

Put up floating shelves and keep the ornaments and photographs to a minimum to fit into your décor sense. The colours need not be stern, but keep them solid with no patterns what so ever. Add in subtle hints of traditional style that sneak onto the bed with striped and floral pillows. But do not add too much as you will take away the contrast that you are trying to create. The reason for this is so that you don’t come across as an ice queen who has no colour in her life.

Your boudoir is your little haven of pleasure and relaxation after a long day of work. You have every right to splurge on bedding sets, drapery and also ornaments of your choice.

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