What’s the best way to sell your car?

September 12, 2017

Are you trying to sell your car? There are a variety of options available to you. Even if your car is wrecked or no longer in running order, you can still sell it. And thanks to the internet, there are more ways to sell your vehicle than ever before. But you have to familiarise yourself with the different selling methods in order to choose the one that’s right for you. It’s frequently a matter of trading price for convenience. So if you’re in a hurry to sell your car or you’re looking for the easiest way to sell, you should expect to get less money. But if time and convenience aren’t overriding concerns, you could wait to get the best price for your car.

Before you decide between trading in your car and selling it yourself, you should first find out how much it’s worth. If your car model and make is high in demand, it’ll be easier to sell. Here are some of the best ways to sell your car.

Sell it privately

If you sell your car on your own, you should make sure to get the most money you can for it. And this is the best way to get the highest price for your car. But this can require a great deal of time and effort on your part. It means you should determine the vehicle’s market value, advertise it regularly and meet with potential buyers. You can check the value of your car by making use of a car book value calculator. And selling your car privately also means you’ll allow strangers to visit your home to test drive. It can sometimes be awkward and time-consuming.

Depending on how quickly you’re looking to sell your car, you can consider placing ads on car selling websites. Make sure your ads have clear photos and a good description, along with a history report. It’s best to be honest about the condition, maintenance and repair history.

Consider a dealership

If you don’t want to sell your car privately why not sell it to a dealership? There are many dealers that will buy your current car even if you don’t buy a new vehicle from them. They’re in the car selling business, so the sale of your car represents an opportunity to sell it as a used car on their lot.  Once you visit a dealer, you’ll receive an appraisal of the value of your car. And if you accept the offer, you can walk away with cash in no time at all. But if your vehicle is no longer in working order, you’ll have fewer options because a dealership most likely won’t want it. You must take it to a scrap yard, local auto dealer or a car buying service.

Take advantage of auto trader

At auto traders they usually offer several solutions to drivers looking to sell their car in less time. You can take advantage of their instant cash offer, which will allow you to sell your car at a local dealer after receiving an instant online appraisal. They are also likely to offer services and packages to help you sell your car privately in less time with less effort.

Trade it in

If you’re thinking of buying another car from a dealer, you can trade in your current car. If you visit the dealership, you’ll receive an appraisal of the value. And if you accept the offer, you can use the value as a down payment on your next car. Some trade-in programmes will provide you with a future trade-in value, so you have a guaranteed trade-in price or resale value once you decide to sell your car.

Trading your car in at a dealer is possibly the easiest solution. You’re accomplishing the sale of your current car at the same time you’re buying a new one. It means the sale of your current car requires relatively minor effort on your part. You’ll drive in with your old car and drive away in a new car. The dealer will take care of all the paperwork and hassle of it for you. So there’s one less thing to worry about. When you sell your car to a dealership, you can expect close to wholesale value, whereas if you sold it privately, you could expect close to retail value. This can be a difference of thousands of rands.

To get the best value for your car, it’s important for you to know what it’s worth. And while the figures on the car sticker can provide a good basis for beginning a conversation, remember that you can always negotiate a price that suits both you and the buyer.

Each of these ways has different advantages and drawbacks, so be sure to conduct proper research.

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