Boating safety tips for your family adventure

September 13, 2015

Sailing across the ocean, under a cool summer breeze, with your loved ones around you, is blissful category that only a few share. Especially if you have little ones, watching their faces light up as the boat departs from the bay, cannot be explained by any parent. You can’t help but smile as their imaginations run wild, and you can’t help but join in on the fun pretending to be a pirate, pointing out that you have just seen a mermaid pass by. As the fun continues, you still keep an eye out, because a natural instinct to protect kicks.

Boating collisions

Taking your family sailing around the Plettenberg Bay coast, can be a fun time for all. However, don’t get too caught up in the fun that you forget to keep an eye out. Think about it this way, for every log noticeable on top of the water, there is likely to be one or two extra that are dipping just below the surface. Be cautious at all time and maintain a safe speed, as you watch out for clusters of objects that may come in your way. Being vigilant will save you and your boat.

Safety on the water

You are more likely to be involved in a boating accident due to lack of knowledge or practical experience in knowing how to operate a vessel. If you lack in experience, it’s highly recommended that you attend yacht courses in Cape Town. Gain extra knowledge and experience, to have a perfect understanding of the ocean. Just because you may be the only one out there on any given day, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pay attention to the boat, its occupants or the environment in which the boat is operating.

Man overboard

Wear life jackets at all times. Drowning misfortunes associated with boating accidents are far more likely when you don’t wear a life jacket. If you’re wearing what might feel like a clumsy personal flotation device, you are always less likely to drown in the case of an accident. To decrease the dangers of going overboard, keep flairs on the vessel or attach rescue lights to floatation devices in order to better locate and rescue overboard members.

Protecting your loved ones will always be your first priority and sticking to the safety rules, you are more likely to reach shore pumped up to go back out again.

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