Bras: Your health benefit

April 20, 2015

Bras: Your health benefit For decades women have been fascinated with their breasts, always wanting to know if theirs is normal, which bra band is the most comfortable and if why is it that the most comfortable bra is the least sexy? Bra manufactures have always promised to design a perfect bra that will stand through the test of time. Through the wear and tear of material, the washing machine and yet still have the pretty factor. Now scientists have come up with new inventive ways for the bra to become beneficial to your health.

Bra that detects breast cancer

The First Warning Systems is a bra created by Lifeline Biotechnologies that detects breast cancer. The bra still has many sceptics because it’s still in its trial stage, the purpose of the bra could reach a new revelation in breast cancer research and prognosis. The bra has sensors embedded in the cups that detect heat patterns. The idea is that the cancer can be caught in its earliest stages of development by monitoring the temperature changes in breast tissue, taking place in the blood vessel growth associated with growing tumours.

Early detection in breast cancer is really important because there is an increased survival rate with more available treatment options.

The sports bra

The design of sports bras have come a long way, decades of research has proven that sports bras holds added benefits. The technological advancements of sports bras has given the ability to properly absorb sweat from the body, while at the same time giving airflow to the skin, keeping you cool and dry. There are different kinds to choose from that will suit your activity, such as the fabrics that are lightweight, yet provides incredible warmth.

Bra that monitors your wellbeing

The bra determines your emotional state with built in sensors inside the bra, that cross reference it with feelings that made you overeat in the past. Before you can even think about grabbing that last donut, the bra sends a signal to your smartphone that alerts you if you’re on the verge of over indulging.  Participants who took part in the trial to predict their emerging emotional states were accurate by 75%.

The bra that monitors your heart rate

The transmitter in the bra synchs up with a compatible heart rate monitor sports watch, smart phone or cardio machine, that relies on the data so the person can monitor and measure their heart rate, check calories burned and overall performance and progress. The great thing about this bra is that the fabric is so soft that the person wearing it won’t even feel it on their skin. It’s a convenient and accurate alternative to traditional heart rate monitoring chest straps that often bind, chafe, and slip during workouts.

The way that technology is advancing can only be beneficial to everyone. If this kind of technological progress is made today, then imagine what the future holds in store for all of mankind.

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