Can you live with your partner’s decor choices?

April 15, 2016

Moving in together means you are both accepting responsibility for your home. That includes the decor choice. No matter which furniture piece or ornament you decide to move, the fact remains that both you and your partner have a say in the matter. Living together is the easy part, deciding what goes and what stays seems to be the most difficult part for many couples. The solution will always be to compromise and try to understand where each are coming from.

Choosing the colour  of the walls

If you can’t come to agree whether the colour of the walls should stay or go, you can either flip a coin or choose an entirely different colour that both of you can agree on. For a modern home, add a simple colour combination such as white and blue. The colours will encourage peace and serenity. If you can’t find a common ground then agree to disagree and cut your losses. Compromise by changing the wall decor or the colour of the curtains. Turn your walls into a gallery that showcases wonderful memories and experiences the two of you have shared.

Dark vs. Light

If your partner loves a dark shade in the house, but you’re all for letting in the light, then one of you has to give in. There’s no middle ground for this one. Your house is either open with bright light or it has a dim shade to it. Install blinds, so for the days when your partner isn’t home, you can open up the blinds and let in as much light as you want.

A bedroom for two

The bedroom is the place in your home where you can come and wind down. Therefore, it’s only fitting that the bedroom reflects your individual personalities. You wouldn’t want to feel like it’s still your partners place and that you have no ownership. An excess of frills and ribbons may not reflect your partner’s individuality so find decor pieces and bed linen that both of you like. Split the bedroom up if you must – a feminine feel for the woman on the one side and masculine look on the other side of the room.

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