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Eight tips for throwing a great dinner party

March 6, 2017

Party season is here which means that it’s time to throw a great dinner party. Whether you decide to throw a party in your garden or host an extravagant sit down affair, it’s important to be properly prepared and organised. This way you’ll be able to be able to enjoy the party with your guests without spending the entire night in the kitchen. Follow these eight tips for throwing the best dinner party.   Pick a good group.   It’s…

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Prepping for Christmas lunch on a budget

January 3, 2017

Everyone in South Africa is feeling the financial pinch this festive season. Food in particular is extremely expensive right now and with Christmas literally days away this is very concerning.   What’s more, according to an article published by Timeslive, the increased food prices are here to stay for a while. At the beginning of this year Christie Viljoen, Financial Risk Manager at KPMG in South Africa, was reported as saying,   “For this year‚ the South African Reserve Bank (SARB)…

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Girls weekend away outside of Cape Town.

October 13, 2016

Girls weekend away outside of Cape Town. It’s nearing the end of the year and time to get your squad together. You’ve decided to have a girls weekend away. Why not start off in Cape Town and plan a little road trip in and around the Western Cape? This way you’re bound to have the best girls weekend filled with happy memories. Fri-YAY has come The girls are in the car, snacks are being passed around and Taylor swift is…

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How to use the fridge effectively

October 3, 2016

Almost everyone uses a fridge in their home. As with many tools, however, there are good and bad ways to use them. There are even ways to use them effectively. It’s not simply a matter of throwing in any item that we want. We should therefore take time to consider precisely what’s required from us in order to treat our fridge and food well. How to clean Due to the cold temperature, we might assume that food will last forever.…

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Four work lunch tips

September 9, 2016

We are all guilty of spending way too much money on lunch during the work week. A quick run into the shops to buy a toastie, a quick coffee break with work colleagues and  “Friday Pie Day” before the drinks start sound familiar? Not only are these eating habits very unhealthy but they’re costing you too. Buying food everyday means that you could easily be spending over R1000 a month on takeouts. Follow these four tips for preparing work lunches…

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Easy to make meals for people on the go

August 24, 2016

Busy schedules, chores and deadlines can take up all our personal time. Most people have full time responsibilities they can’t fail to neglect, whether it’s work or taking care of the kids, or both. These can become particularly draining when you need to all meal times into the mix. For many this is when cooking becomes a chore instead of an experience. The rush of having to get things done may result in unhealthy meal choices.   Prep time Meal…

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What you need in your kitchen to be healthy

August 12, 2016

We all want to be healthy. The problem is this requires hard work and time many of us feel we do not have. If we’re working long hours and barely have time to relax after work, how are we supposed to fit in healthy meals? Preparing items to eat just becomes another chore no one wants to do. Yet, we can overcome large parts of catering to our health, if we start preparing early and use the right tools. Consider…

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Hosting your last summer fiesta

March 10, 2016

Keep it cool by the…   This might be the last time you are going to enjoy splashing about in the pool before the autumn chill arrives. If you have a pool then go for a dip and a dive with loved ones. A late night swim is exactly what everyone needs and if swimming is not an option then get the sprinkler out, or better yet, a slip n’ slide. No harm ever came about from channeling your inner…

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Why women farmers matter to agriculture

December 29, 2015

Poverty is a problem no one wants and yet which we have so little idea about how to combat. One key way has been through the understanding that money itself isn’t enough – but policies and infrastructures in various regions that help cement certain systems, that prevent people from breaking a poverty cycle. One way that has long been argued has been to empower women, providing them with the tools to succeed. When women succeed, everyone else does, too. Indeed,…

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Smart shopping using a simple method

December 23, 2015

No matter what we’re buying, we all want to spend less. While we obviously want the items themselves, we also want to retain enough so we can have more with the same funds – whether for savings or for more items. The difficulty then is figuring out how to save while spending. The most important step to smart shopping is knowledge: are you paying more than you should for an item? Is it available cheaper somewhere else or, possibly, free?…

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