What parents need to budget for in 2017

One of the most important things any parent can do is to budget properly for their child. After all, you have a whole other person to manage, who is not equipped in any way for financial management. You need to be able to create situations that allow for every day expenses, as well as emergency situations that allow for you and your child to come out on top. With the difficulties of these last few years, the world has watched as markets have gone in directions no one could’ve predicted. Major world events might feel like distant but they have … Continue reading What parents need to budget for in 2017

Furnish your new apartment on a budget

You’ve just moved into a new place, but it has no furnishings. This is a common problem for people, especially students who have moved out the safety net of homes. Of course, in many cases, you don’t want to begin spending enormous amounts on appliances. However, you also don’t want to be without items which can store and cook food, let you rest and so on. If you need furnishings but don’t want to break your bank, you need to then work out how to furnish on a budget. Furthermore, you don’t need to only focus on furnishings; decoration could … Continue reading Furnish your new apartment on a budget