Treat yo’self but be smart about it

Not to sound like a self-help book but we all deserve to be a little spoiled sometimes. And in today’s modern world, we don’t turn to others for the spoiling but we turn to ourselves. We live in a completely gender-neutral world where women and men are more similar than ever before. Gone are the days of women and men playing significantly different roles in life, in the home and in the workplace. And, thank goodness for that. Levelling the playing field means that those in the throes of life can grab any and every opportunity for themselves. It also … Continue reading Treat yo’self but be smart about it

Furnish your new apartment on a budget

You’ve just moved into a new place, but it has no furnishings. This is a common problem for people, especially students who have moved out the safety net of homes. Of course, in many cases, you don’t want to begin spending enormous amounts on appliances. However, you also don’t want to be without items which can store and cook food, let you rest and so on. If you need furnishings but don’t want to break your bank, you need to then work out how to furnish on a budget. Furthermore, you don’t need to only focus on furnishings; decoration could … Continue reading Furnish your new apartment on a budget