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What to expect from a career in the hospitality industry

June 28, 2018

Working in the hospitality industry gives you an exciting opportunity. You will enter an industry that thrives on creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, and you will also be able to travel to new and exciting destinations. If you have studied hospitality courses, then you will be well prepared for this new life, but you might not be sure of what to expect in the industry. Below is some helpful advice on what to expect in a career in the hospitality industry.…

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Ways you can (and need to be) smart with your money

June 18, 2018

Personal finance isn’t as easy as some people make it seem. Spending money is easy, saving money is difficult and being broke is a monthly struggle for many young adults in the world. Everyone talks about how you need to be smart with your money, but no one really goes into the detail of what that means. There are a variety of ways you can be smart with your money and, depending on what your financial situation is, a handful…

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Finally living alone? How to create a successful monthly budget

May 8, 2018

Living on your own brings with it a renewed sense of independence, and the ability to walk around in your pyjamas all day on Sunday without being judged. Living alone also means that you will have to budget and save your money for those unexpected expenses. You will also need to look at making financial decisions such as taking out a medical aid and car insurance. Below is some handy advice on how to create a successful monthly budget while…

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Why young professionals need to invest in a car

May 4, 2018

Young professionals often do not feel the ‘need’ to invest, but there is one financial investment that should always be a priority: a car. It may seem like something that will use up your much-needed funds, but it is an asset that will increase not only your credit rating if you purchase it using car finance, but can help you in a variety of other surprising ways. Your first car can determine your retirement This might sound far-fetched, after all,…

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Realities of buying second-hand

September 27, 2017

Not everyone has the luxury of buying everything new, top of the range or right off the shelf. But the preconceptions of buying second-hand as being just a “cheap” option needs to be broken. Buying second-hand is smart shopping, end of story. There are some realities to face when going down the second-hand route and, at the end of it all, it’s up to you to decide if it will work for you. You need details You can’t go into…

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5 tips for safe online shopping

August 25, 2017

Online shopping is a big thing these days. More and more people across the world are turning to the internet to purchase goods. This especially happens in countries where e-commerce is taking hold over the way consumers shop. Getting a great deal online is more than just getting it at a low price. You want to be sure the product arrives on time and that the quality is what you expected. There are so many benefits and reasons for you…

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How to start an event planning business from home

August 1, 2017

Whether it’s a wedding or 21st birthday celebration, everyone loves to celebrate a big event. But planning for these events can often cause sleepless nights. Stressing whether everything will go according to plan or not. What if there are too little chairs and tables? What if your client doesn’t like the concept? Being an events planner isn’t always easy. It can be even more difficult planning a massive event from home. Many event planners start their business from home. It…

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8 Side hustle jobs

July 31, 2017

                     8 Side hustle jobs Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, says in order for you to succeed, you shouldn’t depend on just a single income. And you may be searching for ways to make extra income and add a few bucks into your pockets without actually leaving your full-time job. Well, you may not know what to do but there are plenty of opportunities out there. Your side hustle job could range from freelancing…

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8 tips on starting your first business

April 15, 2017

So you want to start a company that imports comics, or sells artisan lunches? Great. Now that you have an idea, it’s time to put set the wheels in motion and maybe even look for a bit of corporate finance or outside funding. And don’t forget this is not going to be an easy task. Before you celebrate with cocktails at the hippest sushi joint in town, there are quite a few that should first be completed. Hold off on…

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The costs you need to pay attention to

March 15, 2017

  Life has become incredibly expensive. It’s an undeniable fact that the current daily cost of living is exorbitant by comparison to past decades. If we look at our parents and how they lived, most households were run on one income that covered everything from two cars in the garage to family vacations. And because of the ease of life back then, families could include a number of children because a rand could be stretched quite far. But not anymore.…

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