Choose the perfect housewarming gift

March 12, 2018

When your friends or loved ones move into a new home, they will inevitably have a housewarming party. This is a time for celebration, but finding the right gift for the happy homeowner can prove to be difficult and confusing. Below are some top tips to follow when choosing the perfect housewarming gift.

Food gifts

This may not be the first idea that comes to mind, but giving food gifts can be quite thoughtful. Bringing a hamper of dried gourmet foods or snacks to someone who has just spent the last few weeks packing and unpacking can make life so much easier for them as they settle in.

Be sure, however, that you are aware of all their food preferences and sensitivities before buying any food. An organic collection of vegetables, a bread collection, a biscuit collection, olive oil collection, and spices are all ideal gifts for a new homeowner. They may even invite you over for a meal using the ingredients you gave them.

Gift baskets

Rather than spend hours thinking about what home decor items to get your friends, choose a gift basket filled with all the necessities they may not have been able to buy yet. This could include home tools, cleaning equipment, toiletries or even braai tools.

Another good idea for a gift basket is to include baking equipment if you know they enjoy baking, such as measuring spoons, a whisk, wooden spoons and cookie cutters. For keen gardeners, you could devise a gardening kit, including packs of interesting seeds, a trowel, a garden fork and a pretty pot plant. A collection of coffee bean samples with accompanying snacks is ideal for anyone who loves this caffeinated treat.

A coffee table book

For something a little different, why not gift the new homeowners with a coffee table photography book based on one of their passions? They may enjoy travel, fashions, food, coffee or animals. Whatever their passions are, you are sure to find the perfect coffee table book to excite and delight them.

A coffee table book is also ideal for bookworms, especially if they are based on literature or literary pursuits. For budding home chefs, you could look into getting a recipe book with food photography of each recipe or a book revolving around coffee for those coffee fanatics.

A first aid kit

This may not seem like a gift at all, but often during the moving and unpacking process homeowners forget to pack essential items, such as first aid kits. A first aid kit should include items such as bandages, antiseptic lotions, anti-inflammatory pills and so forth.

Be sure to include insect spray and even sunscreen, as these are often items that many people forget. You can make the first aid kit cute and quirky by decanting these into small travel bottles or putting it into a cute bag. This is the perfect gift for a more practical person or couple, and removes one more worry from their to-do list.

A wine rack

Wine racks are unique gifts that anyone will love. Look for one that holds at least six bottles, as this allows your friends to build their wine collection up in their new home. Not only will a wine rack keep their wine in a safe place but they will be able to decorate an empty wall with little effort.

A good quality wine rack is usually made from hard wood, with slots for each bottle of wine. Be sure to find one that is fairly neutral in order not to clash with any of their home decor. A dark wood or a lighter, caramel-coloured wood are ideal choices for stunning, minimalist wine racks.

A fun household game

This is perfect for families who have moved into their new home. A fun game such as Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Cluedo or the Mad Magazine Game are all fun options that will inspire hours of fun for everyone.

If your friends are a couple or you are buying for a single friend, you could look into a game such as Cards Against Humanity, Scrabble or Pictionary. These are great party games and will encourage them to have games nights with friends or to have as handy entertainment for braais and drinks evenings.


If you take into account the personality of who you are buying the gift for, their own personal decor tastes and whether or not they will get use out of what you are buying them. This will make it easier for you  to give them something meaningful. Remember to ask about any food allergies if you are giving food gifts, and find out wine preferences for any alcoholic gifts.

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