Clashing tastes? How to furnish and decorate as a couple

April 23, 2018

Moving in with your partner can be exciting, thrilling and can bring up all sorts of annoyances during the process. You have finally found the perfect flat or house and are looking forward to decorating, but your partner has some unique ideas as to what constitutes ‘decor’. Compromising on style is one part of the solution, and you will need to discuss with them beforehand what both of you envision for your new home’s image.

Shop as a team

This is an important step, as it will allow you both to give input into the decor and furnishings. Look for blankets for sale that suit both of your tastes for the bedroom, and find wall art that both of you will enjoy looking at in the living or dining room.

If you need to make big decisions, such as what colour wall paint to use on your walls, shopping together is vital. It will also avoid the awkward situation of one partner feeling snubbed or ignored. Shopping together is also a fun and enjoyable experience, you could make an entire day of going around to homeware and furniture stores, picking out the pieces that you both like the most.

Be completely honest about their tastes

This may sound difficult, but telling your partner how you honestly feel about their taste in decor can help the furnishing and decorating process immensely. Allow them to be honest with you about your tastes too, as being a couple is a two-way street.

Rather than sitting in your living room and seething at the immature poster your partner chose as wall art, speak to them openly about the fact that you want a more ‘grown-up’ look for your common space. They may feel that your love of pink in the bedroom is more suited for a young girl, but while it may be hard to hear, airing these views will allow you to choose a colour and decor scheme that suits both of you better.

Decide what stays and what goes

Moving in together often means that you both have a lot of ‘stuff’ to bring with you. This can be both a good and a bad thing, as you may find that you have duplicates of some items, such as two kettles and toasters.

You must be prepared to get rid of some of your possessions too if you are asking your partner to give up some of theirs. You will need to draw up a list of each item you own and ask your partner to do the same. If you find that you have two or more of the same item, look at which is newer and in better condition and keep that one.

Make a list of what you both need to approve

Some decor items may be left up to you by your partner, especially if he or she is not too invested in the aesthetics of the house but rather the practical. However, there are certain items that you will both need to approve, and it is best to make a list of these.

The list should include the television, the dining room table, the kitchen appliances and other items that you both use on a daily basis. If you are not in agreement, you will be able to look at items you both approve of to furnish your new home. This list will also help you to avoid purchasing an item that your partner dislikes.

Simplify and relate

If you prefer a more bohemian look but he opts for traditional pieces, you may be wondering if you will ever find a cohesive decor style. The way to create this is to simplify and relate. In an eclectic room, modern art and traditional elements get along nicely (almost as well as the couple does) and the success of this relies on the silhouettes of the unique pieces.

To simplify and relate in a room, look for common elements, such as the curves of the furniture and matching this to wall art or sculptures you both enjoy. Avoid cluttering a room with your knick-knacks, and rather choose new wall art together that relates to the style and ambience of the room. You can simplify a busy room by agreeing on one focal point as a conversation starter.

Keep it simple and stress-free

One of the best ways to furnish a home with your significant other is to keep decor simple, timeless and personal. Personalising your decor means that you will both love it, and have both contributed to choosing it. If you are book lovers, look for bookshelves together and choose a cosy chair each to put in your reading nook.

For budding home chefs, go out and choose new appliances and gadgets that you will both enjoy using. Shopping together will allow you both to give input into the furniture you use, and making a list of what stays and what goes will lighten your clutter load. Remember to be honest and, most importantly, to have fun!

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