Classic Valentine’s Day gifts with a twist

January 13, 2015

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and that means one thing – everyone is feeling the pressure to get their loved one the perfect gift. Especially men, of course, as the fairer sex just seems to have somewhat of a better knack for picking out gifts.

To make it a little easier for guys to making a good selection, we’ve given four classic gifts a bit of twist. It’ll ensure that the love of your life gets what she expected and a whole lot more.

Think outside the chocolate box

In 2015, resist the urge to reach for the assorted box of chocolates on the stand. Instead, head off to an artisan and get handmade chocolate. This variety might have a bigger price tag, but it will be worth every cent you spend.

Go one step further if you find yourself in the Western Cape and do a wine and chocolate tasting. This treat is offered by numerous wine farms and you’ll pair a selection of wines with decadent chocolates.

More than just a rose

Instead of bringing your love interest roses, take her to the roses. A morning spent enjoying breakfast on a rose farm is sure to score the gift giver many brownie points.

Ask the farm owner or manager if you can take a stroll through the gardens afterwards to pick fresh roses. Roses that you’ve picked together will have so much more meaning than a bunch bought at a florist.

Weekend away – for the girls

Sure, you want to spend Valentine’s Day together and you should, but treat your girlfriend or wife to a weekend with her friends and she’ll love you forever.

The suggestion is not that you pay for everything yourself – rather team up with boyfriends and husbands of your partner’s friends. That way, you’re giving your love what they want and you’re helping your friends. Everyone’s a winner!


This is a category where men can either win big or lose spectacularly. To avoid the latter, take your partner lingerie shopping – go with her. It’s perhaps not the most romantic excursion, but it could be a lot of fun.

If you don’t want to brave the shops on Valentine’s Day, log on to the internet to shop for ladies underwear. You can still do it together and you can even enjoy some of that handmade chocolate and a glass of wine while you’re at it.


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