Clean your clothing cupboard like a pro

August 16, 2016

It can be difficult to get rid of clothing items that once made you so happy. The blue glitter heels that you wore to your matric dance, sitting in your cupboard never worn again. The jumper your gran made you with what looks like a grumpy cat on it. If you find yourself standing in front of an overly full cupboard not knowing what to wear, then it’s time to do a cupboard clean out, like a pro.

The first step would be to take everything out of your cupboard. Now is not the time to start trying on outfits or crying because you don’t fit into size ten jeans anymore. Now is the time to be a champion at cupboard cleaning. Put your clothing emotions aside and concentrate on the goal at hand: having more cupboard space. Once all your clothes are out of the cupboard and splattered across the floor, it’s time to start compartmenting them into three categories: keep, sell and donate.


Go through the pile of clothing and start picking up the items of clothing that you wear often and would cry over if they went missing. If you have not worn a piece for over six months, don’t even think of putting in on the “keep” pile.

Ladies shoes sometimes can take up more space in the cupboard than the actual clothes. An important question to ask yourself is if you went shopping right now, would you pick up that pair of shoes? If the answer is a quick yes, then keep them. If you hesitated, then they will be finding another pile.


Think about what you could do with an extra few hundred rand. Your unwanted goods can make you quick bucks.

Go through the pile of unwanted clothes and pull the items you know will be easy to sell. These are all items you loved, but sadly outgrew or know you won’t wear again.

The next step would be to take photos of items you want to sell and put them on the internet.


At this stage, the pile looks slightly more manageable. You are now left with clothes you know you won’t wear again and which are not worth the time or effort to sell. That scarf you used to wipe your tears away on the first day of school. The bell bottom jeans that now don’t even go over your knees. It’s time to say goodbye to these items and pass them on to a new home where they will be loved.There are many charities and donation sites which accept unwanted clothing.
Now that your clothing is in three piles, pack your “keep” pile neatly back into your cupboard. Once the “sell” pile is sold, you can use that ching ching to fill your cupboard again, but until then take a drive to drop off your “donate” pile. Now you can sigh with relief because you are finally a complete cupboard cleaning pro!

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