Cleaning myths you should stop telling yourself

May 29, 2015

Cleaning myths you should stop telling yourself We’re all guilty of turning a blind eye to the little things that we’re supposed to do, and then think, what difference does it make?  When we skip out on the little things that we should do, it can impact us in a quite unhygienic way. Paying close attention to the way you clean, doesn’t make you a neat freak, it simply makes you a person who puts in that little extra to avoid the extra dirtiness in the long run.

“I wash my dishes by hand so I don’t need to clean my sink.”

This saying is not quite true. As you scrub your pots and pans, grime sticks to the sink’s walls, creating an invisible layer of bacteria. After washing dishes, don’t just rinse the sink. Fill it up with a little bit of warm water and a cap full of Jik, and then simply wash out the sink with the cloth or sponge you’ve used to wash up. You’ll have a gleamingly clean sink in no time.

“There’s no need to empty the vacuum bag until it’s full.”

The vacuum cleaner gathers up more dust than what you are actually aware of, especially if you also vacuum your lounge suites. You need to dump out the dust when the bag is about three quarters full, for the vacuum suction to remain strong.

“I don’t always need to close the detergent compartment in my dishwasher.”

It doesn’t take a second to lock the dispenser’s lid before you hit the start button. If you let the detergent spill out of its compartment, it will drip to the bottom of the dishwasher and get whisked down the drain when the water starts spraying. This will leave you with dishes that are wet, but not clean.

“I let my bath sponge drip dry, so what?”

Toss away your bath sponge every three to four weeks, it’s the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. You can’t dry your sponge in an instant, but squeezing out most of the water, is much better than letting it drip dry.

“What’s the point of changing sheets twice a month? It’s not even dirty.”

There is no need for your sheets to have stains on it for it to be classified as dirty. We sweat as we sleep. Oils from our bodies builds up on the linens, and over time dust mites will infest the sheets. This can aggravate allergies or cause your skin to break out.  And who doesn’t want to get into crisp, clean sheets anyway?

Bust the little lies you tell yourself and save yourself unhygienic trouble in the long run. Taking the extra second to put in that little extra makes a huge difference and you’ll never have to worry about a certain TV show host to pop up outside your door wanting to do a surprise home inspection.

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