Cost effective ways to reinvent your look

July 20, 2016

The way forward in life can sometimes mean making a significant change. Change can come in any form. It can be anything from changing careers, moving to a new suburb, starting a healthy diet or a change in appearance. Contrary to popular belief, change doesn’t need to be big for it to leave behind a positive impact. Small changes can lead to a massive impact.


Change up your hair


The first thing that comes to mind is getting a cut or dying your precious locks. However, if you don’t want to do either, you can always part your hair to the other side. How long have you been parting your hair to the same side? Doing this can also add volume at the roots and frame your face.




Instead of buying a new wardrobe of clothes, buy a few items that will make it seem as if you went on a shopping spree. Buy items that are noticed most such as handbags and ladies shoes. Accessories are cost effective items that cost a fraction of the price of a new wardrobe. This is an easy way to update your clothing as you wear them day after day.


Change up your eyes


Instead of applying basic black or brown eyeliner, you can add a new dimension and symmetry to your eyes by using deep-blue eye pencil. It’s subtle and versatile. The blue undertones of the colour will brighten the white of your eyes, instantly allowing your face to look alert. Deep-blue is the perfect shade to bring depth to play up the shape of the eye, yet still giving a sophisticated look. Deep indigo hues can highlight your features by subtly smudging the eye pencil right into your lashline.

Do a clothing swap

If you are tired of the same wardrobe pieces, but your friend loves them, then think about trading a few of your items with them. If you’re continually borrowing your friend’s clothes, you might as well swap with them. Even though you haven’t been to the shop to buy new clothes, you will still feel that same happy feeling of owning something new.

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