Create your own romantic getaway this winter

April 24, 2015

RomanceWinter is upon us and the days of romantic picnics at the beach are coming to an end. Chilly nights, a warm water bottle and woolly socks, leaves a cold after thought to anything remotely romantic. How do you keep the adventures alive when it’s too cold and rainy outside? There are only so much rom-coms you can watch before it feels like you’re puking boy meets girl movies.

Create a different setting

Make a playlist of your favourite love songs for each other. While listening to slow jams, get the mattress out into the living room, scatter it with a bunch of pillows, light candles, snuggle under the duvet covers and enjoy each other’s company. The different setting will spark an exciting atmosphere.

Indoor picnic

Have a picnic inside the house, by still pulling out all the stops. All the stops means, no eating at the table, get out the picnic blanket and lunch on the floor in the living room. There are many different finger foods you can prepare at home without having to go to the deli.

Cook together

Chop, slice and dice with your partner. It’s a known fact that couples who do things together, such as cooking brings them closer. Preparing the dish together also involves cleaning up together, by helping one another you are subconsciously evaluating if they are a good mate or not. The perfect mate is the one that helps and supports their partner in everything that they do.

Massage parlour at home

Dial a massage therapist to give you and partner the most relaxed feeling of being pampered at home. If you want to go the extra mile, then get out all the oils and foot scrubs. Pamper your partner and show them once again how much they mean to you. While receiving a warm foot soak, you can massage their head and neck.

Play for Love

Scrabble, Monopoly, 30 Seconds. There are ways to transform your favourite board games into two-player date nights and will bring lots of excitement. Make up your own rewards and penalties by having some of your favourite snacks handy.

Get up and move

Don’t let the winter fatigue get you down, break a sweat together. You will feel motivated and energised which is beneficial to both of you. There will be no time for gloomy moods when endorphins are released through exercise.

Make a relationship bucket list

Create a list of must do items that you both want to accomplish together during your relationship, and then cross off one of the items that night.  Put this list where you can see it often and use it as a date-night guide for future memorable dates together.

The best dates are the ones shared with laughter. Giggle, laugh and have fun when creating lasting memories forever. It can only bring you and your loved one closer together.



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