Dating venues to avoid

October 22, 2015

First date ideas are always a tough act to follow, especially if you know that the person you’re dating has been on many adventurous dates before. Dating & Love expert Arthanna Wevers says, “McDonald’s, Hungry Lion and Pie City, are a total no, no. But the biggest no, no of all is taking the person to your house. You might give the impression that you are expecting more from them on the first date.”

Consider the following before you ring up your date.

Inviting them along to attend a funeral

Don’t dampen the mood on the first date. Both you and your date should be filled with cheer and have a fun time together. Sitting in a place where people are mourning is not the best way of getting to know your potential partner.


Take your date to the park where you can sit on a bench and feed ducks.  The picturesque environment will brighten anyone’s mood, giving you ample time to get to know one another.

Taking your date to a friend’s family reunion

Of cause you would never want your date to meet your crazy family on the first date. That you leave for after two months or so. But even if it’s meeting your friend’s crazy family, there are just certain limits that everyone has.


Dine out somewhere serene, like at a hotel in Green Point or Claremont. Fine dining has always been a winner. If the budget doesn’t allow for fine dining, then a quaint Italian place will have work just as well. The ambiance, plus the intimate feel of the place will bring about a spark that is irresistible.

Hanging with your friends

Your date will want to meet your friends, but until then it’s all about you two. Hanging out with a bunch of people that someone barely knows is not the ideal date, it may become very overwhelming for the person, especially since you don’t know them that well.


Introduce your date to your friends at a later stage when you are comfortable around each other. It will be hard to keep track of each other with your mates in the mix the entire time. Your date will feel that they are being put in the hot seat. It’s not an interview with top execs, it’s a date. Take them to go watch the latest comedy show or have fun at the beach where you can enjoy a few sundowners.

The perfect date is two people getting to know each other and loving the company that is being shared. It’s true that the venue shouldn’t matter, but it will have an impact on where the prospects will be heading as the date comes to a close.






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